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It used to be Black Friday. Then came Cyber Monday. Then came Countdown to Black Friday. Any way you slice it, people are starting their holiday shopping earlier every year.

To help out, I’m offering my Where Did I Put It?, Gift Tagger, and all the other bestselling Digital Media Mom for 99 cents each through 12/15/15. Those first two are the ones that really have your back when it comes to holiday shopping, though.



Gift Tagger (5/5 stars) makes it easy to ensure you’re getting the gifts friends & family really want by keeping track of their birthdays, anniversaries, sizes and favorites (colors, teams, movies, hobbies, candy, flowers, more!). Gift Tagger also allows you to enter the names & phone numbers of people related to your gift recipients (parents, spouses, partners, friends), and on devices with voice call capability, call them from within the app to help you fill in the blanks. On devices with an SD card, the included Backup/Export and Import functions mean you won’t lose your data when you switch to a new phone or tablet.

Product Features
No more guesswork at gift-giving times: give personalized, thoughtful gifts they really want

No more wasted time and money on gifts they won’t like, or that don’t fit

No more resorting to cash or gift cards

No ads, In-App Purchases (IAPs), data-gathering, internet connection or fishy permissions



I was inspired to create Where Did I Put It? (5/5 stars) after yet another year of being unable to remember where I’d stashed some holiday gifts I’d bought and hidden weeks before the big day. I thought, “There ought to be an app for this!” So I wrote one. Use Where Did I Put It? to keep track of:

– Gifts you’ve hidden

– Kids’ belongings after travel or visitation

– Items you’ve lent

– Items you’ve put into storage

– Valuables you’ve temporarily stashed

– Anything else you like!

Note that like all Digital Media Mom apps, Where Did I Put It? has no ads or in-app-purchases (IAPs) and doesn’t require any internet connection to run. Where Did I Put It? can be installed to, and run from, a memory card on mobile devices that have them. Permissions: Verify device state (to tell if you’ve turned off your device) and Write To/Delete From SD Card (on devices with memory cards only, to allow user to move the app onto or off of the SD card). That’s it!


Other DMM App Bestsellers Included In The Sale
I’ve also decided to mark down all the other bestselling Digital Media Mom apps as part of this promotion. Apps included are:



SextHelper (5/5 stars) is a messaging app that comes pre-loaded with 100 fun, clever, flirty text messages as well as a SextLibs screen you can use to build your own, original messages from picklists and text boxes. The provided content is not explicit, it’s PG-13 along the lines of, “Wear something you won’t miss after I rip it off you tonight,” but users who are more daring can use the SextLibs screen to take it to the next level.

While this app and the one that follows have MANY more permissions requirements than most Digital Media Mom apps, that’s only because they’re messaging apps that allow the user to select a Contact (contacts list permissions), send a text message to that contact (network, account, device and messaging permissions) and receive confirmation that message was sent (network, account, device and messaging permissions). Also note, this app is known to have compatibility issues with Boost Mobile phones/network.



Talk Nerdy To Me (5/5 stars) is a messaging app that comes pre-loaded with 100 nerdy, funny, flirty text messages as well as a Nerdy SextLibs screen you can use to build your own, original messages from picklists and text boxes. See screenshots on the app’s product page for examples. Like SextHelper, this app is known to have compatibility issues with Boost Mobile phones/network.



Yarn crafters and artisans: don’t you just HATE how when you find a great pattern and want to start a new project, the first thing you have to do is open all your yarn stash bins and pull everything out to see if you have an appropriate yarn on hand? Especially when you’re planning to give handcrafted gifts for the holidays, you can find yourself having to go through this routine over and over again between Labor Day and New Year’s.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could store photos of all your yarns and all their important details (e.g., dye lot, style, weight, quantity per skein, number of skeins on hand, etc.) plus notes of your own about each yarn in a database instead? Yarnventory (5/5 stars) is the answer!

In addition to letting you store and edit yarn photos and details, on devices with an external SD card Yarnventory lets you back up, export, and re-import your Yarnventory database. This is useful for transfer to a spreadsheet, or for backup and restore of data if your device is lost or replaced — just install a fresh copy of Yarnventory and import your existing data.



Willpower is an app based on recent research into how and why habits form, and how to overcome bad habits. When you’re tempted to drink, smoke, eat junk food, text your ex or do something else you know you’ll regret later, open up Willpower and complete a very simple, short, distracting activity in the form of tapping an X when it appears onscreen to redirect your brain, regain focus and derail the ‘habit loop’ in under two minutes so you can get on with your day.

NOT just an informational app: Willpower is an interactive activity app that helps you make better choices and overcome bad habits. See the Help screenshot on the app’s product page for full details on the research that inspired this app.

Note that some are leaving 1-star reviews that have lowered this app’s overall rating to 3/5 because they didn’t read the full description and were expecting an exciting game app. Willpower is not a game app, it’s an app that helps you re-train your brain through a very short, distracting onscreen activity.

Permissions: Verify device state (to tell if you’ve turned off your device); Write To/Delete From SD Card (on devices with memory cards only, to allow user to move the app onto or off of the SD card); Vibrate, to vibrate the phone when the user succeeds in the game (when played on a device with vibration capability). That’s it!


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I’ve posted about the whole Cloud Library vs. Device Library concept before, but since I keep seeing confusion about it in various discussion groups and in questions from readers, and a bunch of people are sure to get new Fire tablets and Kindle ereaders as holiday gifts, I figured it’s a good time to cover this topic again.



Stop Downloading All Your Content To Your Mobile Device – That’s Not How This Works
I recently got a message from a reader who’s fed up with the chore of copying or downloading all her content from an old device every time she gets a new one. I asked her why she’s downloading everything in the first place. Because you don’t have to, ever, and in fact you’re not supposed to.

Even when they include SD card slots, our mobile devices have memory limitations. They’re not intended to warehouse all of the user’s digital content, that’s the Cloud Library’s job.



Cloud Library vs. Device
An analogy that clears this up for most people pretty quickly is this: email.

You can access your email account from any computer or mobile device that has web connectivity, but your entire “filing cabinet” of emails is stored on a central server by your email provider, not on any of the devices you use to access it. Similarly, you can access your Amazon Cloud Library from your devices or computer, but that Library is stored on one of Amazon’s servers.

You can download or print copies of your emails, but deleting or throwing away those copies has no effect on the original, which will remain on the centralized email server until or unless you delete it from within your email program or site. Similarly, you can download copies of your digital content items from your Cloud Library, but deleting those copies has no effect on the originals, which remain in your Amazon Cloud Library.

When it comes to your device, you’re only supposed to download copies of the specific content you intend to use in the near future. It’s kind of like checking items out from the public library: you check out the things you want to use right away, but the rest of the library’s books, videos, records and so on will still be there when you go back to return your items and get something different.

Imagine if, in order to check anything out from a brick-and-mortar library, you were required to back up a big rig and load up the library’s entire inventory of books, videos and other content, and take it home with you. If you’re downloading your entire digital content library every time you get a new device, that’s essentially what you’re doing.


Don’t Worry, Your Cloud Library Is Safe
Amazon employs an army of technicians to keep their servers up and running with virtually no down time, and maintains scrupulous backups. Sure, there are the occasional technical difficulties that can interrupt access to any website or digital content service, but those incidents are very few and far between. In contrast, your own devices are far less secure–they can be lost, stolen or broken, and their batteries will die eventually—and cannot offer a guarantee of 100% uptime in perpetuity.

Amazon keeps a record of every piece of digital content you’ve ever bought or otherwise received from them, so your ability to access or download every piece of digital content has no expiration date. Whether you got it yesterday or five years ago, it’ll be right there in your Cloud Library until or unless you purposely delete it.



Don’t Worry, Accidental Deletions From Your Cloud Library Are Unlikely
You may be thinking that storing everything on your device will prevent accidental deletions from your Cloud Library, because so long as you never delete anything from the device you’ll know nothing’s been deleted from your Cloud Library. If so, you’re overthinking it.

The links used to delete from the Cloud on your mobile device, which means permanently deleting something from your Cloud Library, very clearly indicate they are for deleting from the Cloud (as shown in the screenshot above). And if you tap such a link by accident, don’t worry: a confirmation box will pop up to ask you to confirm the deletion and give you a chance to cancel the request:



Let’s say you’re not paying close attention and accidentally confirm a deletion when you didn’t mean to. Even then, I’m pretty sure if you immediately call Amazon Customer Support they can restore that content to your Cloud Library, because they will still have a record of your original purchase.


Use your Cloud Library as it’s intended. It’ll save you a lot of time and hassle.


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FAA Warns of Drone Registration Scams

Posted November 17, 2015 By Mom
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Drones are sure to be among the most popular gifts this holiday season, and as happens anytime opportunity knocks, the scammers are already out in force and champing at the bit to take advantage of new drone recipients.



Yes, The FAA Will Soon Require Some Drones To Be Registered, But…
…it will not be necessary to pay any middleman service to do this and in fact, it is not even possible for any such service to process registrations yet because the FAA isn’t yet ready to receive them. The FAA is currently putting the finishing touches on its registration system, which is expected to be made available direct to consumers via later this month. From the FAA bulletin:

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants unmanned aircraft owners to know that there’s no need to work with a “drone registration” company to help them file an application for a registration number.

Owners should wait until additional details about the forthcoming drone registration system are announced later this month…The Task Force assigned to provide FAA Administrator Michael Huerta with recommendations on the registration process is still days away from delivering this information. But at least one company is already offering to help people register their drones for a fee.

Speaking to the Task Force two weeks ago, Administrator Huerta told the group to provide guidance on a streamlined unmanned aircraft registration process that will be simple and easy to complete, and which types of UAS would need to be registered and which would not. The Task Force agreed and is working on recommendations for a system that is similar to registering any newly purchased product with its manufacturer as well as a minimum weight for unmanned aircraft that must be registered.

The FAA hasn’t even released details of which drones must be registered and which will be exempt, so it’s premature for consumers to be starting any registration process.


Bottom Line: Have fun with your new drone, and watch for an announcement from later this month for details on which drones must be registered and how to complete the process yourself.


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Amazon’s currently offering a $30 discount on the 2015 Fire HD 10 tablet. The offer is listed as “for a limited time” but no specific end date is provided, so if you want to take advantage of the discount be sure to grab yours quick!


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Fire Tip of the Week: Immersion Reading Fans: Easily Find Out Which Of Your Kindle Books Can Be Upgraded With Audible Narration At A Discount

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FreeMusic Monday: An Album of Ambient

Posted November 16, 2015 By Mom
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Welcome To Free Music Monday!
Today I’ve got something a little unusual: Royalty Free Ambient Music for Personal YouTube Videos (free as of this writing, on 11/16/15).



To be clear, I’m not recommending this album for the purpose its title implies, because there are definite strings attached to using this music in your YouTube videos (more about that later in this post, for those who are interested), and I’m confident most of my readers don’t even make YouTube videos at all.

Rather, I’m sharing it because many of the tracks are ideal for any time you want some appropriate background music. This album includes lots of pleasant, instrumental music that would be a perfect fit for yoga, the treadmill, road tripping, dozing off to sleep, and plenty of other purposes.

The first seven tracks are all longer than 20 minutes, others are shorter, but it would be easy to put together a mood-setting playlist with a combination of them to come up with a duration to fit your needs.


About Those Strings…
On the RF Soundtracks website, the full terms of using this music in YouTube videos is detailed.

Essentially, RF Soundtracks reveals that it reserves the right to “claim” any video in which RF Soundtracks music is used, and insert ads in those videos. Obviously, the video creator has no control over the content or length of the ads.

If you’re considering using this music for anything other than personal listening purposes, I suggest you follow the link above to the RF Soundtracks site and scroll down to read the Licensing Terms and Conditions and Detailed Information sections.


Click here to grab your free copy of Royalty Free Ambient Music for Personal YouTube Videos.


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The Silhouette Mint Stamp Kit & Ink Bottles (4.5/5 stars, priced at 48% off as of this writing, on 11/16/15) is the perfect gift for the scrapbooker, crafter or frequent party planner. With this kit, you can create custom stamps using art or even photos of your own choosing. Make a stamp of your favorite slogan, a funky custom return address stamp, a stamp of your dog’s adorable face, a custom “Good Job!” stamp for a teacher, a stamp featuring an image of the happy couple on wedding thank-yous, or of the new arrival on birth announcements—the possibilities are endless when you can design your own stamps using any digital image or text you like. This starter kit includes the software, thermal printer that etches the stamp surface material with your design, enough supplies to make one large and one small stamp, and four bottles of ink. Refill sets are available for making additional stamps, and there’s also a deluxe starter kit bundle (33% off as of this writing) available with extra inks and extra supplies for making many more stamps.

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Fire Tip of the Week: Immersion Reading Fans: Easily Find Out Which Of Your Kindle Books Can Be Upgraded With Audible Narration At A Discount

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FreeAppFriday: Cooking Apps

Posted November 13, 2015 By Mom
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Free App Friday!
This week’s Free App Friday is all about the cooking apps.

Remember that free apps may include in-app purchase (IAP) options or be ad-supported, but given that these apps have been given very high ratings by MANY consumers, where IAP links or ads are present they must be pretty unobtrusive. Descriptions below are from the apps’ product pages.


Yummly Recipes & Recipe Box – Featured on the Today Show and LOVED by millions, Yummly puts every recipe in the world in the palm of your hand.

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner – The brand-new Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app gives you instant access to Allrecipes’ amazing collection of member-submitted recipes.

Food Network In The Kitchen – Get instant access to your favorite Food Network chefs and thousands of their most popular recipes with In the Kitchen.

My CookBook – My CookBook lets you create your own digital cookbook.

Wilton Cake Ideas & More – View thousands of ideas for cakes, cookies, cupcakes, candy, and more along with easy-to-follow instructions to help you make them look great.

Healthy Recipes – by SparkRecipes – You’re one click away from over 500,000 recipes from the world’s largest healthy recipes website,

Mr. Bartender – Over 8,000 recipes of cocktails and mixed drinks included.

Food Planner – Keep an integrated meal plan, grocery list, and recipe collection that can sync between multiple phones, tablets, and the web.

Must-Have Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens – Better Homes and Gardens brings you the best-of-the-best recipes, secrets and tips — all inspired by our beloved Red Plaid cookbooks — absolutely FREE!

Big Oven: 350,000+ Recipes – Take over 350,000 recipes, your grocery list, and menu planner anywhere.


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The Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax is not a bad deal at all at its usual price of $199.99, but right now (as of 11/13/15) you can get this 4/5 star -rated printer for 52% off: priced at $96.99. This is a terrific workhorse multi-function machine from a trusted manufacturer.

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