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Who Dat?

Who’s running this joint?

Sophie O’Brien is The Digital Media Mom. Sophie is an author, software developer, founder and Editor in Chief of Love My Echo, and a web content developer and site administrator for Windwalker Media. Sophie’s tech knowledge and skills were honed during her many years working as a Software Engineer, Web Developer and Database Administrator in the aerospace field.

She’s here to help you understand and use digital media, tech and devices, and hopefully, to save you some money, too.

Sophie loves to shoot her mouth off about all kinds of entertainment media, critique businesses and people with open letters, mock movies by boiling them down into two minute screenplays, and provide more sincere movie reviews in the form of #Moviemath equations that compare each movie to other movies you may know.

Also be sure to check out the DMM Store page, where Sophie maintains listings of the digital media products and accessories she uses and recommends personally.

The opinions expressed here are hers alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of any other person or company with whom she is personally or professionally affiliated.

Who Dat Who Say Who Dat?

Who’s this site supposed to be for?

Sophie’s a single mom on a budget who loves tech, but only tech that solves problems and saves money. This site is designed for people who feel the same way, and need some plain English guidance and honest reviews when it comes to tech and digital media.

If you’re making the transition to an all digital-media household (e.g., CDs to MP3s, DVDs and Blu-rays to digital video), you’ve come to the right place. Sophie’s already gone all-digital with music and is starting the transition with videos, and will be sharing her tips, recommendations and lessons learned here.

The site’s also intended for people who love entertainment media (movies, TV shows, books, music, apps, etc.) and don’t mind a little opinionated trash talking* about it.

*Take that talk with a grain of salt and a sense of humor, please.

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