Why is Having a Mobile Version of Online Pharmacy Website is Important?

Why is Having a Mobile Version is Important

Traffic on the Internet systematically and inexorably flows to mobile devices. Tablets and smartphones replaced traditional computers and laptops. An example – almost half of the visitors of Trust Pharmacy buys medications from mobile devices. Mobile phones have undeniable advantages – compactness, constant access to the network, mobility. Is it worth creating a special mobile version of a website of an online pharmacy or can you relax and do nothing with your site?

What is a mobile version of a website?

A mobile version is the same website with a slightly simplified structure – a specially designed copy of the main site, modified for viewing from mobile devices. When developing a mobile version of a website, only the most important information and a minimum of graphics are left on the pages. The navigation is greatly simplified, the text is minimally reduced. A mobile website has many advantages, because of which even large online pharmacies choose to create a mobile version in addition to the main resource.

Why do you need a mobile version?

The Google 2018 trend is the download speed. Not every user always has a high-speed mobile Internet at hand. The mobile version is loaded much faster than the usual adaptive website. And if you use the AMP technology, the downloading happens at lightning speed! When accessing the mobile version, users do not have to wait until the content loads. From the point of view of marketing, it significantly increases the loyalty of visitors, helps to create a positive image of the online pharmacy, to increase the level of trust. It is also important that the website with a mobile version will be ranked higher in the search engine.

Is it necessary to create a mobile version?

According to research, in 2017 about 8 million users visited the Internet every month from smartphones and tablets. Such figures simply do not allow to ignore the rapidly developing market of mobile Internet commerce. Websites with a mobile version have long become not just a fashion, but a necessity.

Google analysts say – even if the purchase was made from a computer, the search for the product still more often occurs from the smartphone. In order not to lose your potential customers, you need to provide a convenient and fast browsing of your web-resource pages from mobile devices.

Of course, it’s up to you to decide whether to create a mobile version or to be limited only by a desktop site. However, the trends in the web development market and the demands of Google are increasingly pushing towards the decision to optimize websites for mobile devices. Perhaps it is worth choosing a more modern solution and always be one step ahead of competitors.

So, the advantages of a mobile version:

  • Increased usability (ease of navigation) for visitors from smartphones;
  • Saved traffic for the user and for the hosting provider;
  • Probable increase in the rating in the search engines (for mobile users)
  • Accelerated loading time of web pages on smartphones and tablets

The availability of a mobile version will allow the visitor of an online pharmacy to easily navigate, which will increase the sales of the store. If you have not yet created a mobile version for your website, it’s high time to make your site more accessible for all types of devices.