Payday Loans and Online Banking – Statistical First Federal Data

8 out of 10 small business owners in the United States would like to conduct their relationship with a bank digitally, but only 41% of entrepreneurs do so today. 9 out 10 owners of small business companies cope with financial issues with online payday loans. The most of such loans are issued through well-known referral services cooperating with payday lending companies, offering First Federal Payday Loans. Below, we will find out the main trands of online banking and online loans in 2021. Online banking – the main statistics Payments through online banking will increase, but not as quickly as predicted. Despite the fact that 81% of the population in America owns smartphones, almost 90% of consumers do not use payments through mobile applications. The total amount of mobile payments will reach 128 billion in 2021 and will account for 48% of all payments in the United States. Earlier it was…

Why is Having a Mobile Version of Online Pharmacy Website is Important?

Traffic on the Internet systematically and inexorably flows to mobile devices. Tablets and smartphones replaced traditional computers and laptops. An example – almost half of the visitors of Trust Pharmacy buys medications from mobile devices. Mobile phones have undeniable advantages – compactness, constant access to the network, mobility. Is it worth creating a special mobile version of a website of an online pharmacy or can you relax and do nothing with your site?

Digital Media Mom’s Take On The Amazon Fire TV Streaming Stick (I LOVE IT!)

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Amazon Fire TV Stick, and now that I’ve got it and have used it I’m ready to share. As a Prime member, I was able to pre-order up to two of this item for just $19, and now I only regret that I just bought the one. Initial Set Up Set up was initially frustrating, I’ll admit. First of all, the battery compartment on the remote is very tight and it was initially difficult to open in order to install the included AAA batteries. But on the plus side, I guess that means there’s little risk of the cover easily popping off if the remote is dropped—a problem I’ve had with some other device remotes in the past. I plugged the stick into its provided HDMI extender (which the instructions say will improve WiFi reception) and attached the included power cord and adapter….

New Available Mobile App of Online Pharmacy

People feel an urgent need in the modern and convenient mobile application for Android and iPhone. By means of this application, the user may easily carry out the search of medications, see the available prices and means of the medications’ shipping. Such an application contains a raw number of medications. The searching procedure is effective and convenient. This means will become a life-saver for many people preferring to use mobile devices for going shopping online. Such an online application is present on this website – canadianhealthcarepharmacymall. Make use of this link and find the easiest way to buy meds online.

How To Stop Amazon Seller Emails

There’s a new kind of spam email in town, and it’s maddening. I’ve noticed many of my Amazon orders prompt unwanted follow up messages from the vendor, and I’m sick of it. These always come disguised as a “thanks for your order,” “helpful tips,” “let us know if there are any problems,” email or similar, but what they’re all REALLY about is prompting the buyer to leave an Amazon review. Today’s post explains what opened the spam floodgates last year, and how to stop Amazon seller emails. What Changed? You may recall reading about Amazon’s purge of paid reviews a couple years back. A purge of “received this product free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review” reviews followed, just last year. Both of these types of reviews are now banned on Amazon. The changes put Amazon sellers into a panic: how would they get reviews now?

How To Get Your Music Out Of iTunes And Into Amazon’s MP3 Cloud Player

Today’s installment is part 4 in my Escape From iTunes series. In the first post I explained why making the switch from iTunes to Amazon’s MP3 Cloud Player is an especially good move for Kindle Fire owners, since it will free them to get full use of their digital music libraries across all their devices, including the Fire. I’ve already compared the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 to the 5th Generation iPod Touch and found them to be virtually identical in functionality (though not in price!). I also compared iTunes to Amazon’s MP3 Cloud Player for use as a music player and library management tool, and concluded Cloud Player is a worthy substitute. Enough about the whys of leaving iTunes, today I’m getting into the how. The following tutorial explains how I made the switch from an iPod + iTunes to a Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 + Amazon’s MP3 Cloud Player, but the same basic steps can be used regardless of the portable player…

You Don’t Need An iPod To Listen To Podcasts

I guess it sorta makes sense that many people think podcasts are only for iPods, since it’s got “pod” right there in the name, but it’s not true. A podcast is just a regular ‘ol MP3 audio file, just the same as an MP3 song or album, and that means any device that’s capable of playing MP3s can play podcasts. If A Podcast Is Just An MP3, Why’s It Called A Podcast? Okay, fair question. Podcasting got its start as a way for people to host and share their own radio programs on the internet. I say “radio programs” because even though, for the most part, these were not programs that ever played across radio waves, their format followed what you’d typically hear on a radio program: either interviews and commentary, like you’d hear on talk radio stations, or more of a music radio show format, with music, host commentary…

How To Kill Clickbait Once And For All

* * * Today’s post is brought to you by the Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax, a more recent model of a multifunction machine I’ve owned (and loved!) myself. Advertisers make it possible for Digital Media Mom to bring you great content each day for free, so thanks for your support. * * * Clickbait: The Internet Version of Bait & Switch Clickbait: you know it, you hate it, you wish it would go away. Every day well-meaning friends and family members share links with headlines like those shown below: And you think, “My friend or family member wouldn’t have shared this if it weren’t “one of the most brilliant things I’ve seen,” going to “destroy” me, give me “chills”, leave me “speechless” or amaze me with whatever the girl has to say or with whatever happens when the bird starts to hatch.” Let…

Lena Dunham Is A Lying Liar Who Lies

Lena Dunham is a very clever writer, a brave actress and an intelligent woman with some insightful things to say about relationships. Relationships between: parents and their adult children, bosses and employees, husbands and wives, friends, roommates, idol-worshipped heroes and their worshippers, and between romantic or hook-up partners. She is also a savvy businesswoman who’s adroitly navigating the entertainment business. For all of these things, I greatly admire Lena Dunham. However, Lena Dunham is also a lying liar who lies. In her breakout hit HBO series Girls, which Dunham writes as well as sometimes directing and producing, Dunham casts and writes herself in the role of Hannah Horvath: the Regular Girl, the Smart Girl, the Not-Hottie, if you will. Hannah is smart and funny, and prone to bouts of neurosis and narcissism, but no more so than anyone in their 20s who lives in New York (or L.A., or Chicago, or London, etc….

The Audible DailyDeal: It’s A Thing, But You Might Never Know It

* * * the Anker® 2nd Gen Astro Mini 3200mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank, currently 75% off and priced under $10 on Amazon (as of 7/14/15). Advertisers make it possible for Digital Media Mom to bring you great content each day for free, so thanks for your support. * * * You Probably Know All About The Kindle Daily Deal, But… …did you know there’s an Audible Daily Deal on offer every day, too? Probably not, unless you’re in the habit of checking the front page of the Audible site each day. The Audible Daily Deal is a one-day only discount on an Audible audiobook, with prices on the Deal typically ranging somewhere between $2.95 – $4.95. Audible is owned by Amazon and for a time, the Audible Daily Deal was featured right on the Audible home page on the Amazon site, just the same as Kindle Daily…