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Pssst! It’s Another Amazon Instant Video Secret Sale: You Won’t Believe What’s Going For $7!

* * * Today’s post is brought to you by the Colorful Fabric Braided Flat Micro USB Data Sync/Charging Cord 10 Pack – a pack of TEN micro USB sync/charging cables (for charging by plugging into a computer – these do not have prongs to plug into an electrical outlet) in an assortment of colors, [… Read More]

Kindle Fire Tip: Don’t Accidentally Stream A Movie You Already Downloaded

A couple of weeks ago I discovered something new about my Kindle Fire, totally by accident. When you go to watch an Instant Video you’ve downloaded to your Fire, if there’s an active Wi-Fi or cell connection the Fire will automatically stream the movie from your Amazon Cloud library instead of playing the local, downloaded [… Read More]

DRM That Doesn’t Limit Your Use Isn’t A Problem

I recently had an exchange with some Facebook friends about Amazon Instant Videos. As regular site visitors will already know, I’m in the process of migrating my disc video library to all-digital. Every time one of the movies or TV shows I own on disc becomes available at a steep discount as an Amazon Instant [… Read More]

Instant Video Sale: Holiday Favorites To Own For $7 Each!

I was just checking the D-Media Freebies and Bargains page—as I do at least once a week, and all of you should be doing, too!—and found that Amazon’s put a selection of favorite holiday movies on sale for just $6.99 each! Several are titles from my personal “to buy when it goes on sale” list, [… Read More]

The Best Video Format For Your Devices Is MP4

You may know digital video comes in various file types (or “formats”), but many consumers don’t know which format is best to ensure their digital videos will play on all their mobile devices. For that, .MP4 is generally considered the ‘universal’ digital video format. Sometimes .mp4 is referred to as “.MPEG4″ or “.MPEG-4″, but these [… Read More]