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Facebookery: Scammers Targeting Middle-Aged, Single Women

The holiday season brings friends and family together, but it also brings out the scammers. Because they know the holidays can be a lonely time for single, middle-aged women, scammers are out in force to target those women. Many women of a certain age who list their marital status on Facebook as single, divorced or […]

Facebook-ery: Facebook Friends Enhancements

Facebook has quietly rolled out some new Friends features you might not have even noticed, but they’re pretty useful. Note that the information in this post is only applicable to the full Facebook site, as viewed in a web browser on a computer. The mobile app versions of Facebook will differ.   New Posts From […]

Facebookery: Facebook Privacy Hoaxes

  IN A NUTSHELL: NO, Facebook has no plans to introduce a new, paid feature where users can pay for upgraded profile privacy options. NO, posting that fancy-schmancy, legalese-sounding privacy/copyright notice on your profile does NOT grant you any specific privacy or copyright protection on content you post to, or share on, Facebook.   Image: […]

Facebookery: What Happens To My Facebook When I Die?

Of course I hope that I and everyone reading this will live a very long and healthy life, but we’ve all had a Facebook friend or two who’ve passed away, and it might’ve got you thinking: “Hey, what happens to my Facebook when I die?” Facebook has made some recent changes to help you plan […]

Facebookery: The New Facebook Support Inbox

  Seems like hardly a week goes by any more without Facebook rolling out some new feature or other, and this is a great one: Support Inbox.   Facebook Support Is No Longer A Black Hole You know how, when you reported someone or some page on Facebook for harassment, stealing your pics to use […]