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Getting Your Music Into Amazon Music Library

Posted November 26, 2015 By Mom

This is a cross-posting of an article I wrote for my Love My Echo site, but the information in it isn’t just for Echo owners: it’s for anyone who wants to get their digital music library into Amazon Music Library, whether from their own computers or a different cloud storage service (like iCloud). Once your […]

Facebook-ery: Turn Off Notifications

Posted November 24, 2015 By Mom

You know how, when one of your Facebook friends has some news deserving of congratulations or condolences/support, you leave a comment to congratulate or comfort your friend, and then you keep getting pings the whole rest of that day—or maybe even that entire week!—every time someone else leaves a comment on the same thread? It’s […]

I’ve posted about the whole Cloud Library vs. Device Library concept before, but since I keep seeing confusion about it in various discussion groups and in questions from readers, and a bunch of people are sure to get new Fire tablets and Kindle ereaders as holiday gifts, I figured it’s a good time to cover […]

The holiday season brings friends and family together, but it also brings out the scammers. Because they know the holidays can be a lonely time for single, middle-aged women, scammers are out in force to target those women. Many women of a certain age who list their marital status on Facebook as single, divorced or […]

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How To Block Calls On Your Cell Phone

Posted November 5, 2015 By Mom

If there’s a pesky ex, telemarketer or overly-gabby friend who’s got your cell number, there are a number of easy ways you can deal with the problem.     On An iPhone The information that follows comes direct from Apple’s own help pages and is accurate as of this writing (11/5/15), but is subject to […]