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LinkedIn Ordered To Pay $13M Settlement For Spam

  Way back in 2011 LinkedIn introduced its Add Connections feature. Members were told this feature would help them connect with other LinkedIn users among their contacts list, so many signed up. However, those who opted in for the feature were horrified to learn the result was a mass spamming of their email contacts list, […]

Facebookery: What Happens To My Facebook When I Die?

Of course I hope that I and everyone reading this will live a very long and healthy life, but we’ve all had a Facebook friend or two who’ve passed away, and it might’ve got you thinking: “Hey, what happens to my Facebook when I die?” Facebook has made some recent changes to help you plan […]

Facebookery: The New Facebook Support Inbox

  Seems like hardly a week goes by any more without Facebook rolling out some new feature or other, and this is a great one: Support Inbox.   Facebook Support Is No Longer A Black Hole You know how, when you reported someone or some page on Facebook for harassment, stealing your pics to use […]

Facebookery: Quickly Find Stuff You Saved On Facebook

Just a quick one today, to share a recent Facebook discovery. Back in January of this year I posted Facebookery: Now It’s Possible To Save Stuff In Facebook!, which described a then-new Facebook feature that allows you to save links, videos and more in private collections. Before this change, people who wanted to save things […]

Microsoft’s Free Youthspark Program Teaches Kids AND Adults Online Safety

If you’re feeling less than confident about helping your kids stay safe online, you’re not alone. Kids today are often much more tech-savvy than their parents, but that doesn’t mean they’re doing all they should to protect themselves on the internet. From the youngest kids all the way up to the octogenarians, most consumers could […]