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New Kindle Fire Music Features Are Fantastic!

If you’re not listening to music on your Kindle Fire, you should be! The new features that were rolled out with the second-generation (2013 model) Fires are terrific. Not only do you still get the same access to stream or download your music as before, access your Amazon Cloud playlists and so on, now there’s [… Read More]

Are Those Compact Speakers Any Good?

In a previous DMM post, What’s A Wireless Speaker, I talked about portable Bluetooth speakers: what they are, the basics of how they work, and their pros and cons. In this post, I’m looking at small, portable speakers in general. Many (maybe even most) portable speakers have Bluetooth wireless functionality built in, but that’s not [… Read More]

What’s A Wireless Speaker?

You may have seen wireless speakers for sale in stores or online, and wondered if this is an accessory you ought to have. Here’s the lowdown.   What Does A Wireless Speaker Do? A wireless speaker broadcasts audio just like any other speaker you might plug into a stereo or portable music player, only it [… Read More]

Finding Digital Media Bargains On Amazon With Two Little-Known Searches

Psst! Over here, in your browser! You probably already know all about the Digital Media Mom’s D-Media Bargains and Freebies page, where you can find links to lists of free and bargain-priced Kindle books, MP3 music, digital video, apps and games, and all of it rated 4/5 stars or higher. But do you wanna know [… Read More]

Mailbag: Kindle Fire Internal Memory, Wallpaper & Reset

Once again, I’m tackling questions I’m seeing on Facebook, Amazon discussion groups and here on the DMM site. Q: I’m getting an error message on my Kindle Fire when I try to download something. It says “Internal Memory Full”. What does that mean, and what can I do about it? A: Different Kindle Fire and [… Read More]