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Should I Run My Own Personal Cloud Server?

I’ve been seeing a lot of TV ads lately for ‘personal cloud’ servers: computer hardware that allows you to have your own, personal Cloud storage and remote access like what you may already have through Amazon or iTunes, but totally under your control. This idea appeals to a lot of people who have privacy concerns, [… Read More]

New Kindle Fire Music Features Are Fantastic!

If you’re not listening to music on your Kindle Fire, you should be! The new features that were rolled out with the second-generation (2013 model) Fires are terrific. Not only do you still get the same access to stream or download your music as before, access your Amazon Cloud playlists and so on, now there’s [… Read More]

7 Reasons Why A Kindle Fire Is Your Best Holiday Tech Buy

Forget about the misery of Black Friday sales, forget about spending $300 or more for a game console, forget about forking over $500 or more for an iPad…if you’re thinking of buying a tech gadget for anyone on your holiday gift list, the new line of Kindle Fires is your best buy. Here are seven [… Read More]

Stitcher Radio: Bringing You The Smart Talk Radio, (Mostly) For Free

If you’re a fan of National Public Radio, news radio, spoken word/audiobook shows and author interviews, political commentary programming, celebrity interviews and similar types of audio content, then you’ve got to get the FREE Stitcher Radio app. I’ve linked to the Android/Kindle Fire version here, but it’s also available in the iTunes App Store for [… Read More]

Are Those Compact Speakers Any Good?

In a previous DMM post, What’s A Wireless Speaker, I talked about portable Bluetooth speakers: what they are, the basics of how they work, and their pros and cons. In this post, I’m looking at small, portable speakers in general. Many (maybe even most) portable speakers have Bluetooth wireless functionality built in, but that’s not [… Read More]