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Windows Users: Uninstall QuickTime NOW

Just a quick, but VERY IMPORTANT advisory today. Word came from Apple late last week that a potentially catastrophic security hole has been found in the Windows version of their QuickTime video player software/web browser plugin, and APPLE HAS NO PLANS TO RELEASE A PATCH. Apple and Microsoft are BOTH warning Windows users to uninstall […]

New Apple Phishing Scam: Don’t Fall For It

The last week of February I found the following message in my Gmail SPAM folder, where it had been routed automatically. Some quick Googling on it showed this scam is being perpetrated on a lot of people, so I figured I should warn my readers. Click or tap on image below to view an enlarged […]

Date Change & 3rd Party Repairs Can Kill Your iPhone

Many consumers have recently learned the hard way that doing either of these two things is a great way to render your iPhone useless.   Changing Your iPhone’s Date Back To 1970 Or Earlier Will NOT Load A Retro Apple Theme… …but it will kill your iPhone. Wired had this to say about it: The […]

Turn Off iOS9’s WiFi Assist To Dramatically Cut Data Usage

Following the update to iOS9, did you notice a pretty devastating increase in data plan usage on your iPad or iPhone? You’re not the only one. In fact, so many consumers are so angry about this that a class action lawsuit is now pending against Apple because of it.   What Is WiFi Assist? This […]

Magazine Fanatics: Check Out Next Issue

* * * the Fintie Kindle Paperwhite SmartShell Case, currently on sale at 37% off. Advertisers make it possible for Digital Media Mom to bring you great content each day for free, so thanks for your support. * * * If You’re Spending More Than $15 A Month On Magazines, You Need To Know About […]