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Galaxy Note 7 Recall: What Are Your Options?

Posted September 19, 2016 By Mom

Last week Samsung finally made the decision to issue a Galaxy Note 7 recall because the batteries in a significant number of those phones have exploded, causing injuries and fires. If you own one and are still using it, STOP USING IT AND POWER IT OFF IMMEDIATELY.     Samsung’s Sub-Awesome Options For Affected Consumers […]

Gmail Introduces New Security Measures

Posted August 16, 2016 By Mom

Last week Google announced it’s now in the process of rolling out a Gmail update that adds two new security features. If you use Gmail, you will be seeing these changes in your own email inbox in the coming weeks.     User Authentication Following the update, Gmail will attempt to authenticate the identity of […]

Disney Infinity Game Ends in 2017

Posted August 2, 2016 By Mom

This week Disney announced it is discontinuing its Infinity videogame in a gradual phase-out, and has scheduled a final shutdown in March of 2017. If you’ve got this game in your household, it’s a good idea to stop investing in any more game-related purchases now. And if you’ve been thinking about buying the game or […]

Keyboard Shortcut To Recover Closed Tabs

Posted July 12, 2016 By Mom

Surely, it’s happened to all of us: immediately after you close a browser tab, you realize you need it back. Finally, there’s a way!     Maybe you wanted to follow a link in the page you were reading. Maybe you meant to bookmark the page and forgot. Maybe you meant to copy the URL […]

Now that users of Google services like Chrome, Google News, Google Maps, Google Books, YouTube and so on know Google collects their online activity and browsing history for marketing purposes, those consumers have been clamoring for more and better controls over the data Google is gathering from them. This week Google has finally come through, […]