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Facebookery: Facebook Privacy Hoaxes

Posted September 30, 2015 By Mom

  IN A NUTSHELL: NO, Facebook has no plans to introduce a new, paid feature where users can pay for upgraded profile privacy options. NO, posting that fancy-schmancy, legalese-sounding privacy/copyright notice on your profile does NOT grant you any specific privacy or copyright protection on content you post to, or share on, Facebook.   Image: […]

One of the many benefits of an Amazon Prime subscription—and probably the most valuable benefit, if you shop at Amazon a lot—is the free, 2-day shipping you can get on pretty much all orders of items stocked or fulfilled by Amazon (as opposed to items that are coming from an outside supplier’s warehouse). Most of […]

Welcome To Free Music Monday! I’m covering a few different musical bases in today’s Free Music Monday.     First up, it’s the Hardly Art sampler. This album of alternative rock with a college radio feel has 15 tracks and an average review rating of 4.5/5 stars.     Next, it’s the September 2015 Here’s […]

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING TODAY’S TRANSPARENT PRIME PROMO OFFER ON AMAZON: Sorry kids: it appears Amazon has closed the loophole by NOT allowing Gift of Prime purchases at the Transparent promo discount price. I was told just two days ago, by an Amazon customer support rep who checked with a supervisor at the time, that Gift […]

Hack Alert: The Microsoft Support Scam Is Back

Posted September 24, 2015 By Mom

I originally wrote about this particular scam back in 2014, but when I received another Windows support scam call yesterday I figured I should probably remind everyone about it.     If You’ve Got A Landline Phone, You’re A Hacker Target Offshore hackers are specifically targeting owners of landline phones in developed countries like the […]