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The Digital Media Mom’s Guide To High Tech In Plain English Is Now Available!

If you’ve been enjoying the articles here, you’ll want to pick up my first ever DMM book: The Digital Media Mom’s Guide To High Tech In Plain English, where I’ve gathered 103 of the most popular and useful posts from the site into a single, take-along volume. No more need to search the site for […]

Huge Instant Video Sales: Amazon’s Price Experiments Continue

Amazon’s Crunching Some Numbers, And We Can Influence Those Numbers As I recently wrote in a piece for Kindle Fire on Kindle Nation Daily, which was entitled Tell Amazon How Much You Want To Pay By Buying Discounted Instant Videos: – – – – – Amazon is unbelievably good at knowing what consumers are willing […]

Reading Kindle Books Without A Kindle – Free Kindle Reader Apps

Maybe you’ve heard about all those great free and bargain Kindle books, but immediately dismissed them because you don’t have a Kindle. You might also be one of those folks who does own a Kindle, but would like to be able to read your Kindle books on your smart phone on your way to and […]

HD vs. SD – Is It Worth Paying Extra For HD Digital Videos?

I recently got this question from a site visitor and thought it’s probably something a lot of site visitors are wondering, so here goes. Neo is just as much The One in SD as he is in HD. High Definition (HD) vs. Standard Definition (SD) In a nutshell, the difference between high definition and standard […]

It’s A Good Time To Stock Up On Digital Videos At Amazon – You Won’t Believe What’s On Sale, Or For How Little!

  In my ongoing campaign to replace all my movies on disc with digital versions, I frequently check Amazon’s Instant Video Store** to see if any on my to-buy list are on sale. Amazon usually puts a new list of Instant Videos on sale at the start of each month, replacing whatever was on sale […]