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In a past DMM post, Kindle and Kindle Fire Owners: Where Your Content Lives and Deleting, Moving and Restoring Kindle / Kindle Fire Content, I explained how to delete apps and other content from your Fire vs. from the Cloud, and what the difference is between the two. Today I’d like to update that post […]

Here’s a handy little item to add to your malware-fighting toolbelt: the WhoIs search. This is something web techies use to find out who’s behind web addresses all the time, but regular folks can use it, too. And it’s totally FREE, to boot! I had occasion to use it earlier this week when a DMM […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Tech Support

Posted October 28, 2013 By Mom

When your thingie’s acting up and all else fails, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and call tech support. Sometimes this means hanging on hold for twenty minutes or longer, and sometimes it means handing over a credit card number and paying by the minute. Either way, the more quickly and easily you can […]

Black Friday Comes Early On Amazon

Posted October 25, 2013 By Mom

This is a modified cross-posting of a piece I originally wrote for the Kindle Fire on Kindle Nation Daily site, and it is reprinted here in its entirety with that site’s permission. While I mostly write about digital media and the devices and accessories that go along with them, this site is also about helping […]

Regular readers know I am nothing, if not frugal. But I’m not penny-wise and pound foolish, as they say. For the longest time I refused to invest the twenty bucks (it’s priced at $19.99 as of this writing) in Amazon Kindle 9W PowerFast Adapter for Accelerated Charging, because I didn’t think it made sense to […]