Free Music Monday For 9/1/14: Pop

Posted September 1, 2014 By Mom
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Today’s post is brought to you by Ariana Grande’s My Everything (Deluxe Edition). Advertisers make it possible for Digital Media Mom to bring you great content each day for free, so thanks for your support.

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Welcome To Free Music Monday!

Here’s this week’s list of 10 noteworthy tracks, provided in MP3 format with NO DRM, all for FREE! Click through to listen to the samples – maybe you’ll find a new favorite!

Note that the tracks listed below are free as of this writing and prices are subject to change on Amazon at any time, so grab ‘em quick!


This Week’s List: Free Pop

1. Digital – She Wants Chaos

2. Shut up & Dance (feat. Kyle) [Explicit] – Duncan

3. Color of Time – Liloe

4. Breaking Bad – Accidental Affair

5. Am Strand – Milchstrasse 42

6. Here I Go Again – Kingsize Taylor

7. Ewige Beginner – Winterland feat. Kahira

8. All You Need Is Löw – Kollege Reiff

9. Half A Chance – Debbie

10. S-A-X (Everybody Dance Now) (Radio Mix) [Explicit] – Peter Sax


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Free App Friday for 8/29/14

Posted August 29, 2014 By Mom
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Today’s post is brought to you by Bose OE2 audio headphones – White, being offered at 47% off on Amazon TODAY ONLY as a Gold Box Deal of the Day. Advertisers make it possible for Digital Media Mom to bring you great content each day for free, so thanks for your support.

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Free App Friday!

Here are the top ten most downloaded AND highest-rated apps (4/5 stars or better) from Amazon’s Android App Store as of this writing. Note that where a given app has already been included in a Free App Friday post, a different one (still with a minimum 4/5 star rating) will be subbed in. Remember that free apps may include in-app purchase (IAP) options or be ad-supported, but given that these apps have been given very high ratings by MANY consumers, where IAP links or ads are present they must be pretty unobtrusive. Descriptions below are from the apps’ product pages.

**UPDATE** The Adventure Town link below has been corrected – sorry for any inconvenience

Adventure Town – Kindle Fire Edition – HEROES WANTED! Our once magnificent town has been destroyed by terrifying monsters and bone-chilling beasts! Please help us return our town to its former glory, and we will reward you handsomely.

How to Draw: Cartoon Characters – This is a step by step instruction which will teach you how to draw animated cartoon characters.

Tap Black, Avoid White Piano Tile – The rules are simple. Don’t tap or “step” on the white tiles. Tap or “step” on the black tiles.

3 Little Words – Immerse yourself in 3 Little Words: Word Search puzzle – new visual word search game made to entertain you anywhere!

Android L Keyboard – The keyboard from the Android L Developer Preview, modified to run as a standalone app by Chrisch1974 and I. Free, no ads, no bloat. No root required. To show Emojis button, hold down Enter key.

100 Pics Quiz – ** The BIGGEST Picture Quiz EVER! ** Now with over 100 quiz games in 1 ** A new quiz added every week **

Big Business Deluxe – Have you ever dreamed of becoming a billionaire? Build your own business empire from the ground up!

Rush For Gold: Alaska – Who says the time of the great gold prospectors has passed?! You have an opportunity to be one yourself. Explore locations for gold and other useful resources, protect your workers from wild animals and robbers, and build the town of your dreams in Alaska!

Fishing Paradise 3D Kindle Tablet Edition – Build and manage your very own fishery and travel to remote, exotic locations with your guide…. legendary fisherman the Bass Professor!

Haypi Monster – Haypi Monster is a world where monsters battle against one another. Collect hundreds of monsters and form your dream team through evolution, breeding, and synthesis.


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The Notion of Maintaining A Secure Login List Is Only Useful If You Actually DO It

I’ve previously shared my own method for dealing with password hassles in my post, Hacker Defense: Password Creation & Management, but as the neverending stream of news stories about new hacks demonstrates, for a lot of people, if online security involves a time-consuming setup and anything more than a few steps to maintain they’re simply not going to do it.

For very many people, the hassle factor outweighs the risk right up until a personal brush with hacking or identity theft occurs. This post is for those people: the many, the stubborn, the too-busy-to-be-bothered. Ready? Here’s the tip:

Never memorize ANY of your online passwords.

Every time you have to login to a given site, click that handy “forgot password?” link and let the site reset your password by generating a shiny new (and totally randomized) password FOR you. Sure, you’ll still have to wait for the email containing your new password, and sure, you’ll still have to copy and paste that new password from the email into the online login form of whatever site you’re using, but if you feel that would STILL be less work than maintaining a secure list of user logins and passwords as outlined in the DMM post linked above, then maybe you’ve got no problem with any of that.


Three Caveats

1. Not All Sites Allow Passwords To Be Pasted In

Those randomized “forgot password?” replacements tend to be long and well, random. If a given site will not allow you to simply copy the new password from your password reset email and paste it into the password field on the login form, you’re still going to have to remember the new password long enough to manually type it into the field.

This may not be such a big deal when you’re at home, on a full-size computer or laptop where it’s easy to keep more than one browser tab open simultaneously, but on a mobile device with a smaller screen it can be much more problematic. You may find you have to write the new password down on paper in order to have it available to type into the login form.


2. You will still have to remember answers to your security questions.

Many sites now ask users to answer one or more security questions before they will allow a password reset. Given that you’re supposed to select security questions that won’t be easy for a stranger to guess, some of those answers may be pretty obscure—even to YOU. But if you can’t answer them correctly, you’ll find yourself clicking around wildly to find a customer service phone number, and then stuck on hold while waiting to talk to a human being in customer service so you can prove you really are who you say you are.


3. Not all sites have insta-reset for passwords.

While most major sites will reset your password and email the new one in a matter of seconds, you can’t assume that ALL sites will be so speedy. Smaller sites and sites for Mom n’ Pop outfits will often have manual steps taking place in the background, where a site administrator must reset the password, generate a new one and email it to you. All of this can take one or more business days to complete, so you could find yourself locked out of a given site for a frustrating length of time over a weekend—especially a three-day weekend!


Weigh the pros and cons, and pick your poison: the hassles of maintaining a secure login list yourself, or the hassles of dealing with password reset every time you need to access a secure site.


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$3.99 as of this writing:

$3.99 as of this writing:

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Just a quick tip today, but it’s a great one for bargain hunters!


Find More Free Stuff and Bargains By Shopping Direct From Your Kindle Fire

If you’re like me, you normally order from Amazon in a full-size browser window on your full-size computer, and more or less ignore those little “Shop” buttons while using your Kindle Fire. After all, who wants to browse Amazon on a screen that’s no bigger than 8.9″, right?

Well, I recently discovered I’ve been all wrong about this. The Kindle Fire ‘Shop’ screens for each content type (e.g., Books, Apps, Videos, etc.) are specially designed and optimized for viewing on a smaller screen, but there’s an even better reason to get in the habit of checking them out from time to time:

The Amazon Shop screens displayed on your Kindle Fire almost always include unannounced sales, freebies and other bargains you wouldn’t otherwise know about.

For example, check out the Apps Shop screen – note the items highlighted with arrows (tap or click on images to view an enlarged version in a new tab or window):




If you scroll down on that Apps Shop screen, you’ll find even more bargains, including popular free apps!

If apps aren’t your thing, then how about this Shop screen for Audiobooks? There’s a totally FREE audiobook shown there (Legend of Drizzt) that’s a collection of Dungeons & Dragons fantasy short stories read by celebrity narrators, and I never would’ve known about it if I hadn’t seen it on my Fire.



The Legend of Drizzt audiobook is also listed in a sidebar link on the Amazon site, in the Audible Audiobooks department, but it’s one of those rotating ads that only shows up some of the time, and it’s small enough that you might not notice it at all even if you’re already on the page. Note that the Legend of Drizzt audiobook is only free for a limited time, so get it right away if you want it.

Here’s one more example, for the Books shop screen – note the rotating carousel of books at the top, and the easy access to the Kindle Daily Deal books:




I could go on and show you ALL the different Shop screens for each type of content, but I think you get the idea.

If you own a Kindle Fire, try to get in the habit of checking those Shop links each time you’re in a bargain-hunting mood: you’re sure to find something great!


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The Scotch Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System is great for sealing photos and documents in a waterproof coating that will protect them from spills and the elements for years to come. Laminators like this are very handy to have for the home office, kids’ school projects, or craft projects like scrapbooking. It’s got an average review rating of 4.5/5 stars across over 1,500 Amazon customer reviews, and while it’s normally priced at $80.49, right now you can get it for just $30.24—and it’s eligible for Prime shipping to boot! If you decide to pick this up, also grab a package or two of Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches, currently on sale at $19.85 for a pack of 100 and also eligible for Prime shipping.


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Today’s post is brought to you by the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″, which is my preferred tablet. Advertisers make it possible for Digital Media Mom to bring you great content each day for free, so thanks for your support.

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Lots of people love the idea of switching from hard copy magazines and newspapers to digital, but one potential downside is that you can’t always “clip” articles from a digital edition to save them the way you would with a hard copy edition. Here are some ways around that limitation.



Monochrome Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite

If you use a monochrome (black and white) Kindle or a Paperwhite, you can clip with abandon because there’s a built-in menu item for clipping from any kind of digital document on the Paperwhite and Kindle monochrome models’ menus.

Click here to go to the Kindle 1st Generation help page, then click on the Saving Clippings link to jump to the page section about using this feature. It works pretty much the same on all Kindle monochrome models and on the Paperwhite, though specific language used in the on-screen menus may vary from model to model.



Some Digital Editions Offer Clipping Capability In Their Own Menus

This should be your first stop on the S.S. Digital Clipper Trial-and-Error Cruise, because this type of clipping will be the easiest. Granted, as of this writing most digital magazines and newspapers do not offer this feature. But publishers are starting to wise up to the fact that allowing their readers to share digital “clippings” to social media sites will help them sell more subscriptions, so little by little, publishers are starting to add a “clip/share/save” menu item.

On mobile devices, digital magazines and newspapers are handled the same as apps. With the digital magazine or newspaper open to the content you want to clip, tap on whatever icon will open the in-app menu on your specific device and look for a clip/save/share menu item. If it’s there, follow the on-screen prompts to give it a whirl.

Alternatively, some digital magazines and newspapers are offering pop-up menu clip/save/share options on the “page” itself. Where available, it’s most typically tied to images. To check for it, double-tap an image and see if a pop-up menu appears.



Use Your Device’s Print Feature, Where Available

For the most part digital magazine and newspaper publishers do not want their subscribers to have the ability to print out copies of their content, whether in hard-copy or digital (e.g., PDF) format, because they fear this will lead to piracy. However, where a given device has a Print function built into its main menu, it will not always be disabled when viewing a digital magazine or newspaper.

With the digital edition open to the content you want to clip, tap the icon or press the button for your device’s main menu (often called the Settings or Options menu) and see if the Print icon is still there, and undimmed (disabled). Sometimes, you’ll get lucky!

Note that on the second-generation Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX, the Print function is app-specific. The Print menu item will only be available in the in-app menus of apps that support printing, such as Office Suite Pro. Again, select digital magazines and newspapers may include the Print option within their own menus, but as of this writing the great majority do not.



Use Your Device’s Screenshot Function

Even when there’s no built-in device menu function for clipping and the magazine or newspaper itself doesn’t offer a clip/save/share menu option, you can use your device’s screenshot function to grab a screenful of magazine content at a time, as I’ve done with my digital edition of Science News on my Kindle Fire HDX, below (tap or click on image to view an enlarged version in a new tab or window):




Note that I happened to have the magazine’s Table of Contents open at the time, but I could also have closed it to capture more article content, or even rotated my Fire HDX to portrait orientation before taking the screenshot to maximize article content capture. Also note that I tend to keep my text sized pretty large, so resizing the font size to something smaller would also increase content capture.

Click here to read my DMM post about how to take a screenshot on a 2nd gen HD or HDX. Note that earlier-generation Kindle Fires don’t have any easy means for taking screenshots, so if that’s the device you have you’re not going to be able to use this tip.

On an older iPad, press and hold the Home button, then (while still holding the Home button down) quickly slide the sleep/wake button once to take a screenshot. On newer iOS 7 models, users report that the process is a bit trickier: you must activate the same two buttons, but simultaneously.

I can’t possibly cover every other available digital device and smartphone out there, but a quick Google search on [device name] + screenshot should point you toward some online how-to’s. Here’s an example of an actual search you might use on Google:

“Samsung Galaxy Tab 4″ + screenshot



Hopefully, clipping functionality will soon be a standard feature of ALL digital magazines and newspapers. Until then, try these methods!


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And now, a word from our sponsor…

I really love my Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″, and even though I was reluctant to switch to digital-format magazines, I’m finding they look and perform great on my HDX’s 8.9″ screen. Some digital edition magazines even snip out the ads when you’re a paying subscriber (like Science News, pictured above, which costs only $2.25/mo and delivers two issues per month)!


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