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Gmail Introduces New Security Measures

Last week Google announced it’s now in the process of rolling out a Gmail update that adds two new security features. If you use Gmail, you will be seeing these changes in your own email inbox in the coming weeks.     User Authentication Following the update, Gmail will attempt to authenticate the identity of […]

Windows Users: Uninstall QuickTime NOW

Just a quick, but VERY IMPORTANT advisory today. Word came from Apple late last week that a potentially catastrophic security hole has been found in the Windows version of their QuickTime video player software/web browser plugin, and APPLE HAS NO PLANS TO RELEASE A PATCH. Apple and Microsoft are BOTH warning Windows users to uninstall […]

Malware in Google Play Books Store

I’ve previously written posts to inform consumers Why You Should NEVER Get Your Apps From Google Play, and have also warned my readers about Counterfeit Kindle Books, but there’s a new threat in town: malware and phishing scams contained in ebooks sold in the Google Play Books store.     How Is This Possible? PDF […]

Firefox Enabled The Adobe Flash Plugin Again, But That Doesn’t Mean It’s Safe

Firefox Has Stopped Blocking Flash, But That Doesn’t Mean Flash Is Safe To bring any latecomers up to speed about why I’ve long taken the position that the Adobe Flash browser plugin is not safe and needs to die: Why Can’t I Play Flash Games & Videos On My Thingie? (8/6/13) Stop Complaining That Your […]

Revisiting FBI/Moneypak on Fire Tablets

* * * the AmScope M30-ABS-KT2-W Beginner Microscope Kit, currently (as of 6/30/15) 42% off on Amazon, being offered at a price of just $39.98 instead of its usual $69. Advertisers make it possible for Digital Media Mom to bring you great content each day for free, so thanks for your support. * * * […]