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‘Suspicious Sign In Prevented’ Email Scam – Don’t Fall For It!

* * * Today’s post is brought to you by Amazon’s brand new, voice-activated digital video and audio streaming box that also plays apps: Amazon Fire TV. Advertisers make it possible for Digital Media Mom to bring you great content each day for free, so thanks for your support. * * * Yesterday I received [… Read More]

How To Achieve A Reasonable Level Of Tech Security In 5 Easy Steps

Today I’m sharing an excerpt from my new book, The Digital Media Mom’s Guide to Tech Security and App Permissions in Plain English. While the rest of the book goes into much greater detail on topics like app permissions and how to avoid computer viruses, I’d have to say that in all honesty, this ONE [… Read More]

A New App Permissions Bugaboo: What Is The AuthToken Permission?

  Oooh, what a shocker: today’s Amazon Free App of the Day, Pivvot (note: it’s free today only, anyone reading this after 2/1/14 will find it’s no longer free), is being trashed in 1-star reviews by people who are claiming its permissions list proves it’s malware and/or spyware. Some of those hysterical, paranoid types are [… Read More]

Not All Information Gathering Is Spyware

  Lately I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of paranoia out there among consumers, and this is leading to a HUGE disconnect between the technology they want and an understanding of what’s required to create that stuff. For example, consider the NEST “smart” thermostat. If you ask the average homeowner if he’d like to have [… Read More]

Most Of The Time, It’s NOT A Virus

As regular readers already know, I’m something of a nut about The Simpsons Tapped Out game app. So much so that I even spend considerable time in online discussion boards about the game. Over the weekend, one troubled player posted about one of his game characters being missing, and he wanted to know if it [… Read More]