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What’s Google Chromecast?

You may have been hearing or reading a lot about something called Google Chromecast lately, and wondered what it was and why all the geeks seem so excited about it.   Google Chromecast Streams Content From The Internet To Your TV Google Chromecast is a little thingie called a “dongle” that plugs into the HDMI [… Read More]

Closed Captions: What’s That All About?

As anyone who regularly reads my missives here at Digital Media Mom knows, I am in the process of switching to an all-digital movie library. I no longer buy new videos I want on disc, and I’m gradually replacing my existing discs with Amazon Instant Videos when I find those titles offered at a discount. [… Read More]

Amazon Instant Video Myths and Facts

I originally wrote this post for the Kindle Fire on Kindle Nation Daily site, and it’s reprinted here in full with that site’s permission. The comment thread on Amazon’s page dedicated to yesterday’s $5 Instant Video sale Gold Box deal was very lively, and filled with many myths and signs of confusion. An earlier KF [… Read More]

Pay Channel Apps – Why Aren’t You Using Them Yet?!

If you own a tablet device (e.g. iPad, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab, etc.) and subscribe to HBO, Showtime, EPIX or Starz!¬†and you’re NOT using their FREE, on-demand video streaming apps, you’re missing out! Watch On The Go, Or At Home I use premium channel apps on my portable devices, but I also use the HBO [… Read More]

Amazon Instant Videos Aren’t Just For Kindle Fire

If you’ve heard about Amazon Instant Videos, it was probably on a TV ad for the Kindle Fire. And yes, watching videos is one of the great features of that little machine. But lots of other machines, big and little, can play Amazon Instant Videos, too. Click here to view all the different kinds of [… Read More]