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Gmail Introduces New Security Measures

Last week Google announced it’s now in the process of rolling out a Gmail update that adds two new security features. If you use Gmail, you will be seeing these changes in your own email inbox in the coming weeks.     User Authentication Following the update, Gmail will attempt to authenticate the identity of […]

Google’s My Activity Lets You Browse & Edit Your Google Activity History

Now that users of Google services like Chrome, Google News, Google Maps, Google Books, YouTube and so on know Google collects their online activity and browsing history for marketing purposes, those consumers have been clamoring for more and better controls over the data Google is gathering from them. This week Google has finally come through, […]

How To Unsend In Gmail

It used to happen to me at least once a week. The second after you hit “Send” on an email in Gmail, you realize you forgot to add your attachment or you made some other mistake, but it’s too late. Actually, with the Gmail Unsend option turned on, it’s not! The Unsend add-on/plug-in adds an […]

OK Google Records Your Queries: How To Delete OK Google History

  Lots of people love, and have even come to depend on, the convenience of voice-activated OK Google searches on their tablets and smart phones. But most of them have no idea their voice searches are being recorded by Google and stored in the user’s Google history file. The good news is, the history is […]

Google & Amazon Deal Death Blows To Adobe Flash

I’ve posted about why the Adobe Flash browser plug-in needs to die many times here on DMM, and it really boils down to security. Or rather, the security holes in that plugin. Major tech players are getting fed up with the Flash problem, and have started making moves of their own to protect their users […]