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There’s a new XBOX and PlayStation on the horizon, which means your kids are probably already clamoring for you to buy them. DON’T DO IT. That is, unless you actually want all your existing XBOX and PlayStation games to become drink coasters, you’re dying to pay by the warm body for video on demand through […]

This post is prompted by a question I got on Facebook yesterday. A lady commented that she really loves her first-gen Fire, which doesn’t have a camera, but doesn’t want to have to buy an HD model just to get the camera feature of the HD models. She wanted to know if there would ever […]

As anyone who visits this site regularly already knows, I absolutely LOVE my Kindle Fire. But let’s be honest: some of its built-in functions, like the camera (on the HD models), browser and file management apps, are pretty basic. Here are some apps to soup up those features, and add even more functionality to your […]

Ever since the Digital Media Mom site launched a couple months ago, when I check out site traffic statistics there are certain posts that consistently top the list of most-viewed content. Apparently, a lot of folks are finding these particular posts especially interesting or useful, so here’s a handy list of the top ten posts […]

Amazon Instant Video Myths and Facts

Posted May 27, 2013 By Mom

I originally wrote this post, dated 5/27/13, for the Kindle Fire on Kindle Nation Daily site, and it’s reprinted here in full with that site’s permission. Amazon’s policies and processes described here are accurate as of that date, but subject to change at any time in the future. The comment thread on Amazon’s page dedicated […]