Can’t Afford To Buy New Digital Media & Devices? Amazon’s Buyback Program Wants Your Used DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, Vinyl, Books & Electronics

It’s one thing to realize digital is the better, less expensive, more versatile and more portable way to go with your entertainment media, or to know the Kindle Fire HD 8.9” totally p0wns your first-generation Fire*, but you can’t do anything about it until you’ve got the means to buy that newer and better stuff.

Amazon’s Semi-Secret Buyback Program

Well you’re in luck, because in its quest to become Media & Retailing Master of the Universe, Amazon has launched a massive media and electronics buy back program. They don’t advertise it much, and they don’t make it particularly easy to find either, but Amazon’s buy back program allows you to send in your used stuff in exchange for Amazon store credit.

Amazon even lets you look up your items first, to see what their trade-in values are, and provides a pre-paid postage label you can print out at home so that shipping costs are covered. All you have to do is provide the box.

What’s In It For Amazon?

Like Bill Gates before him, Jeff Bezos dreams of the day when every piece of technology and media in your home comes from his company. By purchasing your used stuff and giving you Amazon store credit in exchange, Mr. Bezos has ensured the money he gives you will go right back to him.

What’s In It For You?

Anyone who still has a local, independent book or record shop that’s willing to buy used should sell their stuff to that small shop. The small shop will likely pay a tiny bit more for your stuff, and you’re helping to support a local, small business.

For everyone else, when it comes time to dispose of books, video games, movies and music media you no longer need or use, you’re left with two options: donate, or throw away. I was kind of shocked when I moved last year and at one point, came across piles of DVDs still in their cases tossed into one of the trash dumpsters at my new place. If I’d known about Amazon’s trade-in program at the time, I may well have donned some gloves and gone in after them.

Donating is the better way to go if you don’t really need the store credit you’d get for your stuff, since your needy friends, family members, local shelters and libraries can use all the help they can get. But let’s face it: in this craptastic economy, most of us really need the  store credit. Most of us would don the gloves.
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*From now through 2/8/13, both models of the 8.9″ Fire are $50 off – click here to get the discount code and order