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Disney Infinity Game Ends in 2017

This week Disney announced it is discontinuing its Infinity videogame in a gradual phase-out, and has scheduled a final shutdown in March of 2017. If you’ve got this game in your household, it’s a good idea to stop investing in any more game-related purchases now. And if you’ve been thinking about buying the game or […]

Wrap Your E-Z Pass In Foil Before Returning It

People who use those automatic toll road payment gizmos: today’s post is for you.     An exposé carried out by the news team at WIVB4 in New York revealed that when consumers mail their E-Z Passes back for a replacement, update or for any other reason, the E-Z Pass continues to log toll roads […]

Date Change & 3rd Party Repairs Can Kill Your iPhone

Many consumers have recently learned the hard way that doing either of these two things is a great way to render your iPhone useless.   Changing Your iPhone’s Date Back To 1970 Or Earlier Will NOT Load A Retro Apple Theme… …but it will kill your iPhone. Wired had this to say about it: The […]

Verizon Plans To Share Your Browsing Data With Advertisers: Here’s How To Opt Out

  In a change that will affect Verizon Wireless customers–as of this writing, on 10/13/15, the changes do not impact pre-paid wireless customers or Fios customers—, Verizon has recently (and quietly) changed its privacy policy so that by default, all the customer data it collects as a result of customer usage of Verizon wireless services […]

Verizon Is Selling Off Its Fios and Landline Business

*SIGH* I’ve been a happy Verizon Fios customer for many years and have recommended it to others repeatedly during those years, but things are about to change.   Meet The New Boss Verizon has been slowly, quietly getting out of the broadband, video streaming and landline business bit by bit, and the states that are […]