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Tech Frustration Friday For 2/28/14: Dead Printer Edition

Who among us can’t relate to this situation?!  

Tech Frustration Friday For 12/6/13

The only people I hear cheering for Windows 8 are Microsoft marketing and PR staffers.  

Tech Frustration Friday For 11/29/13

Ugh! This has happened to me more than once, and I think some of these companies need to stop using the term “customer support” because they obviously have no idea what those words mean.  

Dear Vanity Fair Magazine:

I see you’ve put certain articles on your website behind a pay-per-article firewall. The pay-to-play popup includes an appeal to my better nature and a statement about the need to support quality journalism, along with a request that I pay $1.99 for the article I want to view. However, that article also appears in your [… Read More]

Dear Subway:

  Stop trying to rush me over to the veggie and condiments guy when I’m not done telling the bread and meat guy what I want for sandwiches number 2 – 4. I realize it makes things run much more smoothly on YOUR side of the sneeze guard, but it also makes it much more [… Read More]