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My New Favorite Comedy: Man Seeking Woman

* * * Archer, a laugh-out-loud funny (and intended for mature audiences only) animated spoof of the super spy genre. Advertisers make it possible for Digital Media Mom to bring you great content each day for free, so thanks for your support. * * *     Comedy is hard and satire is harder, which […]

Free Tools To Help Movie Lovers Find The Good Stuff

I absolutely LOVE a good movie, but tickets are getting so darned expensive that a lot of us have really got to stop and do the theater vs. rental vs. cable math every time we catch the trailer for something new that looks interesting. Then there are all those times you’re scanning the cable movie […]

Amazon’s Instant Video Twice-Yearly Sale

I am all about the digital media bargains, and I’ve written before about how I’m making the transition from videos on disc to digital videos. Basically, I never buy any movies on disc anymore, and I’m gradually replacing the discs I already own when the Instant Video is available at discount. Since Amazon Instant Videos […]

Sick Of The Same-Old, Same-Old On TV? Check Out Amazon Pilots

Did you know Amazon has gotten into the TV and movie production business? Yep, it’s true. And as you would expect from a company that’s always trying to figure out what consumers want and give it to them, Amazon has made the pilot episodes of their various TV shows available on their site to watch […]

Amazon Instant Videos Aren’t Just For Kindle Fire

If you’ve heard about Amazon Instant Videos, it was probably on a TV ad for the Kindle Fire. And yes, watching videos is one of the great features of that little machine. But lots of other machines, big and little, can play Amazon Instant Videos, too. Click here to view all the different kinds of […]