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Don’t Be An Internet Dupe – How To Know If Stuff You See Online Is True Or An Urban Legend

  I can’t count the number of times in any given day that someone posts an urban legend online, all in a panic over kids being stabbed by drug-filled hypodermic needles in McDonald’s ball pits, rapists using children to lure their victims, that the surfaces of cut onions are more likely to cause food poisoning […]

Did You Know You Can Google Junk Phone To Find Out Who’s Calling?

The National Do Not Call Registry—where you’re supposed to be able to remove yourself from telemarketer lists through a single, centralized form, and any salespeople who called you after your number was registered were supposed to be subject to government fines or worse— was a great idea, but it’s not really working. Telemarketers figured out […]

New Malware Scams

Oh, those hackers. Those clever, clever hackers. Forever coming up with new ways to trick us into thinking their messages and links are from trusted friends and companies we do business with. Here are some of the latest examples I’ve seen – be on the lookout for them, and don’t get suckered in to clicking […]

Dear Hackers And Spammers:

Dear Hackers and Spammers: You need to die a slow, painful death. Your continued, brute force attempts to worm your way into my Publetariat site (a site I make no money on and offer as a public service to writers and publishing professionals) throttled server resources and caused my hosting company to shut down the […]

How To Avoid Computer Viruses: Links

Malware, viruses and trojans have three main modes of transmission: file transfer (like on a flash drive), web scripts and downloads.¬†Links are what make you vulnerable to those latter two, and that’s what I’m talking about in this post. Wait! Don’t Click That Link! You may think it’s safe to click on a link you […]