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Phone Battery Drains Overnight? An Easy Fix.

There are a couple of common reasons why your phone battery would go from a near-full battery to fully drained between the time you go to bed and morning. When your phone battery drains overnight, the fix may be easy.     Reason #1 Isn’t Fixable, But Reason #2 Is Easy To Fix The first […]

Technically Correct vs. Practical: Can Rechargeable Batteries Overheat Or Not?

From time to time I’ll get a comment or email from a tech-savvy person who’s read my post, Rechargeable Battery Problems: Overcharging, Leaving It Plugged In, and says I’m wrong about the possibility of rechargeable batteries becoming overcharged or overheated, because modern Lithium-ion rechargeables are designed with specific features to prevent this very problem. Every […]

A New Battery Drain Culprit: Check Your Router

I’ve been following some threads on the Amazon Kindle Fire Discussion Boards, and in the one about battery problems someone raised an issue that I was already aware of, but have not yet written about here: problems with the router that supplies WiFi to your home or office.   What’s A Router? When you had […]

Apps That Drain Your Battery

I’ve been hanging out at the Amazon Discussions area for Kindle Fires lately, answering questions, joining in the discussions and whatnot, and one poster over there mentioned something that I’ve known about but have never mentioned here for some reason. So we all have Amazon Discussions poster “Picklehead” to thank for this one.   Apps […]