9/26/16 Music Monday: Nature Sounds Albums

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Welcome To DMM’s 9/26/16 Music Monday!
Each week I comb through the Amazon Digital Music catalog to find a few bargain-priced gems to share. Today it’s Nature Sounds albums. Whether to set the tone during meditation, yoga, reading or a tub soak, or to help you fall asleep, there’s nothing quite like the white noise of nature sounds albums. Each of these three albums is a little over an hour long, currently rated 4.5/5 stars, and priced at about a dollar.








When a standard, 10-12″ sized tablet won’t do for watching videos, video chatting or running apps, step up to the Samsung Galaxy View 18.4″ 32 GB Tablet (Wi-Fi), Black. With its built in stand with integrated handle and full HD display, this device is closer to a full-color, portable flatscreen TV. Currently (as of 9/25/16) rated 4.5/5 stars and priced at $497.99, this touchscreen tablet can accept an SD memory card up to 128GB capacity.

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Fire Tablet Content Highlight of the Week: Graphic Novel Spotlight: Stephen King’s Dark Tower

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