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What’s A Wireless Speaker?

Posted July 31, 2013 By Mom

You may have seen wireless speakers for sale in stores or online, and wondered if this is an accessory you ought to have. Here’s the lowdown.   What Does A Wireless Speaker Do? A wireless speaker broadcasts audio just like any other speaker you might plug into a stereo or portable music player, only it […]

Game apps can be very time-consuming and challenging. The puzzle apps increase in difficulty with each level, sometimes pretty drastically from one level to the next. Many games include a “clue” or “solve it now” option, but most that do are exceedingly stingy with the clues and insta-solves. You may be provided a few up […]

This past weekend I was out of town and surrounded by relatives, most of whom spent a fair amount of time using their various touchscreen devices: iPads, Kindle Fires, smart phones, et cetera. And almost every one of them complained about the difficulty in using their touchscreens at some point: it’s too easy to accidentally […]

Amazon is one of my preferred shopping outlets, mainly because I’m an Amazon Prime member and that means I get free two-day shipping on almost everything I buy there. However, it’s also a great resource for any shopper, even if you ultimately make your purchase somewhere else. This is largely because of the customer reviews, […]

Keyboard shortcuts are handy little key press combos that allow you to quickly perform some action that would otherwise require a little more effort with the mouse. Most programs have them, but they can vary from program to program and power users are generally the only people who ever bother finding out what the shortcuts […]