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We all know that secure, carefully selected and managed passwords are the front line of defense against hackers. Yet many of us…VERY many of us…and by “us” I mean “you”…are still using passwords like our kids’ names, our home addresses, our spouse’s birthday, our pets’ names, or even those perennial favorites among the Can’t Wait […]

I’m in the process of converting my entire library of movies on disc to digital copies. When one of the films in my disc library is offered at a deeply discounted price (like, $5 – $8) as an Amazon Instant Video, I grab it. But what about new movies? I never intend to buy another new movie on […]

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Posted April 29, 2013 By Mom

As a web developer, I find it’s a constant challenge to create websites and web content that will display properly in a variety of browsers. This is a challenge for ALL web developers, because we can’t possibly know which browser or which computer or device any given site visitor might be using. So we tend […]

Does it seem like your thingie isn’t holding its charge as long as it used to, or like a full charge doesn’t give you as many hours of use as it used to? Does it seem like your last thingie died a lot sooner than you expected? It’s recently come to my attention that many […]

One of the purposes of this site is to point you in the direction of digital hardware and media bargains, and since Kindle Fires rarely go on sale (usually only for a couple weeks around the winter holidays), there aren’t a lot of opportunities to get one at a discount. But every now and then, […]