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Slow WiFi/Internet? Try Moving Your Router

I recently hit that point where so many devices had been added to my wireless network that I needed to upgrade my internet service. Yet weirdly, my connections slowed to a crawl after the upgrade.     Different Routers Require Different Placement To start troubleshooting my poky connection speed, the new router (sent by my […]

Troubleshooting WiFi Problems

Today’s post is an edited combination of two posts I originally wrote for Love My Echo. Streaming audio or video freezes and skips, devices frequently losing their network connection or failing to communicate with other devices on the network, and a WiFi signal that’s frequently weak are all signs of a potential WiFi problem.   […]

Angry Birds Permissions: Why So Many?

Following last week’s Free App Friday, which featured all-time classic free apps, I received a message from a reader who’s concerned about permissions in the Angry Birds Free app. Since these are very common permissions you’re likely to find on many apps, I’m going to go through them and explain them.     First, as […]

Is Using Public WiFi Dangerous?

* * * LootCrate, a fun and value-packed monthly subscription service that brings you a surprise grab bag of cool stuff every month. Each crate costs just under $20 (including S&H) and is guaranteed to contain products valued at over $40. There’s no minimum subscription required and you can (easily) cancel at any time, this […]

How To Find Free WiFi

As I’ve mentioned on this site often enough, I do not have a smart phone and I don’t pay for any kind of “data plan” that would give my various devices (laptop, MacBook, Kindle Fire HD, iPad) internet access when I’m away from home. But very often when I’m on the road I just need […]