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Closed Captions: What’s That All About?

As anyone who regularly reads my missives here at Digital Media Mom knows, I am in the process of switching to an all-digital movie library. I no longer buy new videos I want on disc, and I’m gradually replacing my existing discs with Amazon Instant Videos when I find those titles offered at a discount. […]

MOOCs Take College Online With Free Courses And An Affordable Masters Degree In Computer Science

Imagine how great it would be if you could take real college courses from prestigious colleges and universities all around the world, right from your computer, tablet, or even your smart phone, at any time and in any location that’s convenient for you. Wouldn’t that be amazing?! Well, you don’t have to imagine it, because […]

Time To Scoop Up Some Digital Video Bargains

As it says right there on the About page of this site, I’m here to “help you understand and use digital media, tech and devices, and hopefully, to save you some money, too,” so I’m sharing this post I originally wrote for the Kindle Fire on Kindle Nation Daily site yesterday. It’s reprinted here in […]

Amazon’s Instant Video Twice-Yearly Sale

I am all about the digital media bargains, and I’ve written before about how I’m making the transition from videos on disc to digital videos. Basically, I never buy any movies on disc anymore, and I’m gradually replacing the discs I already own when the Instant Video is available at discount. Since Amazon Instant Videos […]

Imagine Owning A Whole Library of the Classics For Under $25: Hundreds of Books!

Or instead of imagining it, you could just do it.   Why Aren’t You Reading Kindle Books? You Don’t Need A Kindle, You Know… Every day there are unbelievable bargains on anthologies and classics of literature in Amazon’s Kindle Store (A buck for a complete Dickens collection! A buck for a complete Sherlock Holmes anthology! […]