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Pay Channel Apps – Why Aren’t You Using Them Yet?!

If you own a tablet device (e.g. iPad, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab, etc.) and subscribe to HBO, Showtime, EPIX or Starz! and you’re NOT using their FREE, on-demand video streaming apps, you’re missing out! Watch On The Go, Or At Home I use premium channel apps on my portable devices, but I also use the HBO […]

Amazon Instant Videos Aren’t Just For Kindle Fire

If you’ve heard about Amazon Instant Videos, it was probably on a TV ad for the Kindle Fire. And yes, watching videos is one of the great features of that little machine. But lots of other machines, big and little, can play Amazon Instant Videos, too. Click here to view all the different kinds of […]

How To Convert DVD To MP4

Isn’t it annoying, not being able to watch movies you’ve purchased wherever and whenever you want: at home on your big screen, OR out and about on your  Kindle Fire / iPad / Galaxy Tab  etc. etc.? Since they’ve made it illegal to make our own digital copies from the discs we’ve bought, studios offer […]

Don’t Be Afraid Of Cloud Computing: You’re Already Using It

Surely by now, you’ve heard all this stuff about “Cloud Computing”, and how it’s going to revolutionize everything about tech. And you may have thought, “Great; more stuff I have to buy and more stuff I have to learn how to use, even though I’m totally happy with the stuff I already have and already […]

Start Switching To Digital Video NOW, While You Can Still Sell Your Discs

Digital Video: It’s The Last Video Format You’ll Ever Buy As a matter of fact, it’s the only video format you’ve been buying since the days of Betamax tapes. The only difference between Betamax and Blu-ray and everything that came between is the media the digital video was copied to: tape, disc, and higher-capacity disc. […]