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Site To Check If Your Account Was Exposed In A Data Breach

**UPDATED 4/25/17** Seems hardly a day goes by without news of some horrifying new data breach, and consumers generally feel powerless to do anything but change their passwords. But now, thanks to Microsoft Regional Director Troy Hunt, there’s a free site you can use to search the giant collections of compromised accounts to see if […]

OK Google Records Your Queries: How To Delete OK Google History

  Lots of people love, and have even come to depend on, the convenience of voice-activated OK Google searches on their tablets and smart phones. But most of them have no idea their voice searches are being recorded by Google and stored in the user’s Google history file. The good news is, the history is […]

Verizon Plans To Share Your Browsing Data With Advertisers: Here’s How To Opt Out

  In a change that will affect Verizon Wireless customers–as of this writing, on 10/13/15, the changes do not impact pre-paid wireless customers or Fios customers—, Verizon has recently (and quietly) changed its privacy policy so that by default, all the customer data it collects as a result of customer usage of Verizon wireless services […]

Windows 10 Privacy Concerns

The recent launch of Windows 10 has brought with it a spate of articles highlighting privacy and security issues with the newest version of the Windows operating system. It seems this OS is designed to collect as much information about its users as possible in virtually every activity they might use their Windows 10 computer […]

There’s STILL No Such Thing As Online Privacy

I first posted that There’s No Such Thing As Online Privacy way back in March of 2013. But with the recent hack of Ashley Madison and International Business Times reporting that anyone with an online dating or online adult site profile has probably already been exposed as well, it seems not everyone got the message. […]