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Don’t Fall For This Apple iCloud Phishing Attack

The days when Apple users didn’t have to worry about hacks and phishing attacks are over. Most of us remember the iCloud breach of a little over a year ago, when lots of celebrities’ personal photos were accessed and leaked online, and a more recent incident of the same type has recently affected stars like […]

Domain Squatting: Typos Open Consumers To Phishing Attack

Typos used to be merely annoying, but now they can make you the target of a phishing attack.     Scammers are reserving the URLs for misspelled versions of legitimate websites in order to trick people into giving up their logins and other personal and financial information. As reported by Slate: Cybersecurity firm Endgame noticed […]

New Apple Phishing Scam: Don’t Fall For It

The last week of February I found the following message in my Gmail SPAM folder, where it had been routed automatically. Some quick Googling on it showed this scam is being perpetrated on a lot of people, so I figured I should warn my readers. Click or tap on image below to view an enlarged […]

Netflix Logins Being Sold On Black Market

Another day, another warning about stolen data. At least this one’s easy to defend against. On 2/11/16, Symantec reported on a booming black market for Netflix logins, which can be purchased for as little as 25 cents each. One way thieves collect the logins is via an email phishing scam. From the Symantec post: In […]

New Phishing Scam Targets E-ZPass Users, Toll Road Users

Many news outlets are reporting a new email phishing scam that specifically targets toll road users, though it seems a lot like the same scam I reported on last summer. Toll road users across the country are getting bogus email notices of unpaid tolls (tap or click on image below to view an enlarged version […]