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The Basics of Converting Audio CDs to MP3s

Let me state right up front: as the title of this post says, I’m about to address the BASICS of converting audio CDs to MP3s (also known as “ripping” CDs). While there are lots of software programs and tutorials you can get to provide you with lots of advanced options for organizing, labeling, sorting and converting […]

You Don’t Need An iPod To Listen To Podcasts

I guess it sorta makes sense that many people think podcasts are only for iPods, since it’s got “pod” right there in the name, but it’s not true. A podcast is just a regular ‘ol MP3 audio file, just the same as an MP3 song or album, and that means any device that’s capable of […]

Streaming Music: What’s It All About?

If you use Facebook or Twitter you may have noticed updates from friends saying that so-and-so is “listening to [song] by [band] on [Spotify / Pandora / Rdio / etc.]”, and you may have wondered what that’s all about. As per usual, the Digital Media Mom is here to break it down for you!   […]

Music Lovers: Are You Checking Out Amazon’s Monthly List of $5 MP3 Albums?

Did you know that MP3s you buy from Amazon are totally iTunes-compatible, and totally DRM-free? DRM-free means no restrictions on copying to all your various devices, no restrictions on backing up, and no problem using these MP3s on both Apple-brand and non-Apple devices that can play MP3s. That means you can play ’em on your […]

Are You Using The D-Media Bargains & Freebies Page?

If not, you’re really missing out on some great digital media bargains. I’ve already done the hard part for you by providing a collection of links that will take you right to the highly-rated stuff that’s deeply discounted, but you have to do your part too: check those links regularly, because the bargain content changes […]