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Security Alert: Don’t Fall For The New Smart Card Phishing Scam

By now, most people know their credit, debit and even in some cases ID cards are going to be replaced by “smart cards”: cards with a tiny processor chip built right in that makes the card’s transactions more secure. Click here to see my post explaining what smart cards are and how they work. Unfortunately, […]

Comcast Xfinity Home Security Makes Homes MORE Vulnerable To Break-Ins

  If you’ve signed up for Comcast’s Xfinity Home Security System, I’ve got some very bad news for you. Security experts uncovered a security hole in that system big enough for thieves to drive a truck through—using nothing more advanced than simple radio frequency jamming equipment—last November. Those experts notified Comcast about it back then, […]

Why Hoverboards Are Catching Fire & Expoding

By now you’ve surely seen or heard at least a few news reports of that hot new holiday gadget, the hoverboard, leading to fiery disaster, like this one in New York, this one in Louisiana, and this one in Brentwood, California.   If you didn’t get a high-end hoverboard like this one, you’re probably at […]

Does Cutting The Cord Save Money?

As regular readers know, a point of pride with me is that I’m very good at sussing out the best deal on anything. And since the consumption and analysis of digital media forms the basis of how I make my living as a tech blogger, you can bet all this recent talk about “cord cutting”—cancelling […]

FAA Warns of Drone Registration Scams

Drones are sure to be among the most popular gifts this holiday season, and as happens anytime opportunity knocks, the scammers are already out in force and champing at the bit to take advantage of new drone recipients.     Yes, The FAA Will Soon Require Some Drones To Be Registered, But… …it will not […]