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Kindle Fire / Android Tips & Tricks: Where’s My App? Revisited, Where’s My Music? And Where’s My Audiobook?

In my last Kindle Fire Tips & Tricks post I included information on how to force a newly-purchased app to show up on your Fire when you don’t want to wait for it. I’ll just reprint that tip here, then go on to elaborate a bit more on how to force other types of content […]

Backup Basics

We all know we’re supposed to back up our important files regularly, but because just deciding which backup method to use seems like such a huge project—never mind actually making the backups—a whole lot of us aren’t doing this thing we will sorely regret the day our hard drive dies. And it will fail eventually, […]

Can I Share Content From My Thingie?

This is a question I get pretty often, in many variations. “Can I share the¬†movies on my iPad with my daughter, on her iPad?” “Can my wife use an app I bought for my Galaxy Tab on her Android smart phone?” “Can my¬†roommate listen to the audiobook I got for my Kindle Fire on her […]

Don’t Be Afraid Of Cloud Computing: You’re Already Using It

Surely by now, you’ve heard all this stuff about “Cloud Computing”, and how it’s going to revolutionize everything about tech. And you may have thought, “Great; more stuff I have to buy and more stuff I have to learn how to use, even though I’m totally happy with the stuff I already have and already […]

Getting DRM-Protected Files Out Of iTunes And Loading Music Right Onto Your Portable Player

Today’s installment is part 5 in my Escape From iTunes series. In the first post I explained why making the switch from iTunes to Amazon’s MP3 Cloud Player is an especially good move for Kindle Fire owners, since it will free them to get full use of their digital music libraries across all their devices, […]