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If you’ve got $25 and a tech product, app, accessory or service, you can advertise here on the Digital Media Mom site by sponsoring a Digital Media Mom post—and your ad stays on the site FOR AT LEAST A YEAR!

That’s right: for just $25, your product or service can get a linked mention at the top of a DMM post, along with a linked image and more detailed description at the end of the post. See this post (link will open in a new tab or window) for an example of what sponsorship ad placements look like.


Why It’s A Great Value: Pay Once, Get MONTHS or even YEARS Of Exposure!

Unlike most other online advertising opportunities, a DMM sponsorship is not a limited-time ad placement. Your sponsorship message is embedded right into a post on the site, and it will stay there for as long as the post remains on the site: a full YEAR, at the minimum.

On the day your sponsorship is initially posted a link to the post will be shared on Facebook and Twitter, and the entire post (with your sponsorship embedded) will be delivered directly to the email inbox of all site subscribers. After that, the post (with your sponsor ad) stays here on the site until it is archived, one year later at the minimum.


How To Get Your Sponsorship Ad

Please read the Standard Sponsorship Terms & Requirements section below for full details about DMM sponsorships.

To place an ad, use the Ask Mom form to contact me with the details of your product or service, including your links. If your item is acceptable, I will provide payment details. After your payment clears I will provide you with the date on which your sponsored post will initially run—note that new content is posted to the site Monday – Friday only. I will try to accommodate requests for specific run dates where possible, but I cannot guarantee placement availability for a specific date until after payment has cleared.

When the post is published I will email you again with a link to the live post / sponsorship, so you can verify the sponsorship placement and share the link with your own social networks, if desired.

Note that all payments are processed via PayPal, but you don’t need to have a PayPal account to make your payment to Digital Media Mom: PayPal accepts credit and debit card payments as well.


Standard Sponsorship Terms & Requirements

Paid sponsorships only run on informational posts (e.g., how-to, tips and tricks, etc.), as these are the most popular types of posts on the site and ‘bargain alert’ -type posts (announcing online tech discounts and sales) already typically feature one or more products in the post itself. I guarantee your sponsored post will remain in place on the site for at least one full year at the minimum. Posts remain here on the site until server memory becomes so limited that an archive is necessary.

In order to run your sponsorship ad, I require the item name, a brief text description (no more than 400 characters), and a digital image of the item no smaller than 200×300 pixels with a minimum resolution of 300dpi. If an image is already available online, you can just provide a link to it and I will download a copy and resize as needed for your ad; there is no additional charge for this service. If your item is an app, I can embed a YouTube video trailer instead of a still image if you provide a link to the trailer on YouTube and have set Sharing options for it on YouTube to allow embedding.

Note that sponsorship of a post does not convey any reprint rights or any rights of ownership to the sponsor: all Digital Media Mom content remains the intellectual property of Digital Media Mom.

Note that because Digital Media Mom has relationships with some sites that specialize in ebooks, I cannot accept ebook sponsorship ads. In addition, I will not accept sponsorships for items that are illegal, pornographic, or potentially offensive to Digital Media Mom’s audience. If you’re unsure whether or not your item is acceptable, use the Ask Mom form to contact me with the details.


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