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Welcome To Free Music Monday! I’ve got two offerings today. First up is Reign!, by Vyking.     This is a collection of tracks I’d describe as instrumental New Age, with a good mix of upbeat electronic numbers and more contemplative pieces where a piano takes center stage. The album has an average review rating […]

Welcome To Free Music Monday! Today’s pick is great for relaxing or to use as general-purpose background music, but it’s actually intended to provide a basis of meditation practice. 5 Elements for Solo Piano Meditation and Feng Shui Music (no reviews yet, currently FREE)     This album includes five tracks of lovely piano music, […]

Welcome To Free Music Monday! It’s the first Free Music Monday of 2016, and I think I’ve got something for everyone today: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, Rap and Alternative/Indie. First up, it’s Hardline Entertainment Music Comp 3 (4.5/5 stars, currently FREE).     This album has 13 tracks from artists you’ve probably never heard of, but […]

FreeMusic Monday for 12/28/15: Transparent Score

Posted December 28, 2015 By Mom

Welcome To Free Music Monday! Today I’ve got a lovely instrumental album: Transparent Original Score (no reviews yet, currently FREE).     You don’t have to be a fan of the Transparent TV series to enjoy this album. Piano is the main instrument here, but the variously dreamy and bittersweet compositions sometimes feature strings or […]

FreeMusic Monday for 12/21/15: Classical

Posted December 21, 2015 By Mom

Welcome To Free Music Monday! This week I’m sharing three albums I’ve featured previously, but they’re all still free and all still highly-rated so if you missed any of them the first time around, now you’ve got a second chance.   The Delphian Label Sampler includes 8 tracks, ranging from Celtic folk to Nocturnes for […]