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Les Miserables 2012: The Thirty Second Version

Posted February 7, 2013 By Mom

Spoiler Alert: anyone unfamiliar with the history of the French Revolution may want to look away now. EXT. PARIS – GRIMY Desperately poor, constantly persecuted yet surprisingly attractive ANNE HATHAWAY ekes out a hardscrabble living first in a sweat shop, then as a wharf prostitute. She sings a lot. She dies.   Fugitive HUGH JACKMAN […]

Amelie: The Two Minute Version

Posted January 30, 2013 By Mom

EXT. PARIS – GREEN Impish, charming, disarmingly cute AUDREY TATOU disarms her ANGRY NEIGHBORS with a charmingly cute smile. ANGRY NEIGHBORS We have seen ‘Emma‘ and ‘Chocolat‘, and we know what you’re up to! You are trying to impishly charm us into changing our selfish, staid and priggish ways with your disarming cuteness. AUDREY TATOU […]

Spider-Man: The Two Minute Version

Posted January 30, 2013 By Mom

INT. UNIVERSITY LAB – DAY TOBEY MAGUIRE, KIRSTIN DUNST and JAMES FRANCO attend a high school field trip to a college laboratory where for some reason, scientists are using a scanning electron microscope to study genetically mutated spiders that are visible to the naked eye. TOBEY MAGUIRE Look, I’m wearing glasses and carrying a camera […]