Farewell Friday

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This is normally my weekly slot to run Freebie Friday, but I’ve got an announcement: for me, today, it’s Farewell Friday.


Thanks Goodbye Good Luck


I’ve been running this site since the beginning of 2013 and while the audience for it grew respectably at first, traffic eventually flattened out and nothing I’ve tried to improve the situation has worked. Unfortunately, I can no longer justify the monthly time commitment, hosting and registration fees, email subscriber service fees and other miscellaneous software expense. I simply don’t earn enough from the site to make it worthwhile, particularly since I already work a day job and have to do all the work on this and my other sites in my free time.


Therefore, I’ve decided to stop posting new content to Digital Media Mom, effective today.


I will leave the site up through the end of the year, as a resource for those who still find the how-to articles helpful, but after that I will remove it from the internet completely. Also, after the email announcement of this goodbye message goes out I will delete the Digital Media Mom email subscriber list from my email service provider, so subscribers can feel secure their email addresses cannot possibly be shared.

Thank you, to everyone who’s ever written to express their appreciation for the site. Thanks too, everyone who’s shared Digital Media Mom site content, books or apps with friends, family or colleagues, and everyone who’s ever clicked on my links. I hope some of you will drop in on me at my other site, Love My Echo.


May all your emails be malware free and all your digital media fully functional!

April Hamilton

The Digital Media Mom


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