3/24/17 Freebie Friday: Two Audiobooks

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Welcome To Digital Media Mom’s 3/24/17 Freebie Friday
Today I’ve got a modern nonfiction classic and a brand new pre-order short story from Isabel Allende in her native Spanish, both free as of this writing.

First up, it’s FREE: The Future of a Radical Price, Unabridged Audible Edition. This book was published in 2009, and even if you read it around that time it’s fascinating to hear it again. Which businesses have embraced Anderson’s thesis, which have not, and how are all of them doing? Currently rated 4/5 stars.


The New York Times best-selling author heralds the future of business in Free. In his revolutionary best seller, The Long Tail, Chris Anderson demonstrated how the online marketplace creates niche markets, allowing products and consumers to connect in a way that has never been possible before. Now, in Free, he makes the compelling case that, in many instances, businesses can profit more from giving things away than they can by charging for them.

Far more than a promotional gimmick, Free is a business strategy that may well be essential to a company’s survival. The costs associated with the growing online economy are trending toward zero at an incredible rate. Never in the course of human history have the primary inputs to an industrial economy fallen in price so fast and for so long.

Just think that in 1961 a single transistor cost $10; now Intel’s latest chip has two billion transistors and sells for $300 (or 0.000015 cents per transistor – effectively too cheap to price). The traditional economics of scarcity just don’t apply to bandwidth, processing power, and hard-drive storage. Yet this is just one engine behind the new Free, a reality that goes beyond a marketing gimmick or a cross-subsidy.

Anderson also points to the growth of the reputation economy; explains different models for unleashing the power of Free; and shows how to compete when your competitors are giving away what you’re trying to sell.

In Free, Chris Anderson explores this radical idea for the new global economy and demonstrates how this revolutionary price can be harnessed for the benefit of consumers and businesses alike.



Today’s second pick is La Ninfa De Porcelana / The Porcelain Nymph (in Spanish). Pre-order, release date 4/6/17.


Este es el audiolibro del cuento reproducido en el libro de colorear para adultos La ninfa de porcelana de Isabel Allende narrado por ella misma. Un verdadero regalo para sus lectores que recomendamos escuchar mientras se le da color a la historia.

“Don Cornelio siempre ha ocupado un lugar distinguido en mi corazón. Cuando lo conocí era un caballero miope, vestido con un traje gris con catorce bolsillos. Vivía en una pensión de mi barrio y nosotros, sus vecinos, ajustábamos los relojes cuando él pasaba por la mañana. Jamás se adelantaba ni atrasaba. Salía a las ocho y tres minutos en punto, echaba a andar hacia la esquina midiendo los pasos, y tomaba el autobús a su trabajo.” Bienvenidos a la historia de un hombre gris, cuya vida da un maravilloso vuelco un día de otoño: ha conocido a alguien. Pero no es un alguien cualquiera. Es una ninfa llamada Fantasía, que parece decidida a dar color a su vida.Disfruta del audiolibro de esta mágica nueva aventura de Isabel Allende al tiempo que coloreas tú también el universo de don Cornelio. Siguiendo sus pasos, no solo verás con otros ojos el mundo que nos rodea, sino que podrás dar rienda suelta a tu imaginación y liberar al artista que llevas dentro.

Las regalías de la autora correspondientes a esta obra se destinan íntegramente a la Fundación Isabel Allende (isabelallendefoundation.org), cuya misión es ayudar a mujeres y niñas de alto riesgo.

Please note: This audiobook is in Spanish.


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