2/27/17 Movie Monday: Standup Comedy

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Welcome to DMM’s 2/27/17 Movie Monday, where I’ll help you tackle movie night with brief reviews of movies and videos you may have missed that are worth the rental or purchase. This week, I’m sharing some of my favorite picks from one of my favorite genres: Standup Comedy.


Against Picketing


All of these have strong language and may have adult situations, references to drugs or alchohol or innuendo too, so while they’re generally marked ‘Not Rated’ they should be treated like R-rated content.


Steve Rannazzisi: Manchild
MANCHILD is the first Comedy Central one-hour stand-up special from Steve Rannazzisi, co-star of “The League.” Taped at The Civic Theater in New Orleans, Rannazzisi’s special shows that he is a stand-up husband, dad, and Manchild above all else.

I never watched The League and had never heard of Steve Rannazzisi before his comedy specials showed up on some premium channel or other. Rannazzisi is likeable and hilarious, and this special will be particularly enjoyed by anyone with young children. From the challenges of traveling with kids in tow to the “Dad whistle”, parents are sure to relate to a lot of Rannazzisi’s material. Some great relationship material too.


Kyle Kinane: Loose in Chicago
Filmed at the historic Metro, Kinane addresses the terrestrial woes that plague us all, or none of us whatsoever. A cross section of concealed carry opponents, gout survivors, and historians of personal regret would probably get a kick out of this.

Kyle Kinane is the “voice of Comedy Central”: the guy who does most of the voice-over announcements on that channel. And he’s a terrific comedian in his own right. This is his third special, recorded in his hometown of Chicago. Kinane’s material draws from his own experiences as a fortyish, never-married man, so you won’t find any “having kids is so nuts!” or “take my wife, please!” material here. This is observational and self-deprecating comedy, with the occasional razor-sharp insight thrown in.


Pete Holmes: Nice Try, The Devil
In his first hour-long special on Comedy Central, Pete Holmes perfects his signature silliness. He may look like a youth pastor, but he’s as comfortable talking about religion as he is secretly hating his girlfriend’s friends. This special is McDonald’s.

That last line of the description will make sense after you’ve seen it. Pete Holmes is also an observational humor guy, but he’s got the thirtyish single guy take. So of course there are some great anecdotes about dating, but he’s also got some very funny stories on subjects like his parents, his goofy, “fun Dad” look and persona (even though he’s not a father), and his overly-optimistic routine on nights when he thinks there’s a chance he might be bringing a date back to his apartment.


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