How To Get Rid of iCloud Calendar Spam

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I don’t use any Apple stuff but I know lots of my readers do, so here’s something for them.


Deleted Spam Is Back


Beginning around last November, many iCloud users started getting fake Calendar invites to “events” that are really just ads with embedded links, like an invite to “Versace Bags Sale – 50% Off!”. Unfortunately, turning down the invite doesn’t necessarily solve the problem because it alerts the spammers they’ve hit an active account and motivates them to spam you all the harder.

Apple is aware of the problem and has rolled out a fix for, but fixes for iOS and macOS are still in the works. iMore provides instructions for reporting the spammy invites in iCloud:

If you receive a Calendar invite from someone that is not in your contacts, Apple makes it possible for you to report it as junk, which will remove it from your calendar view without you having to respond to it directly.

1. Navigate to on your computer.

2. Log in with your Apple ID and password.

3. Click on Calendar.

4. Double-click the offending event invitation.

5. Select [the new] Report Junk [link] under the sender name.

Click here to view the full article on iMore, which also includes instructions for how to have invites sent directly to your email instead of Calendar, so you can report them as spam or delete them from your inbox.


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