Facebookery: Turn Off or Filter Facebook Memories

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You know how Facebook loves to pop up those Facebook Memories, nudging you to re-share them? Even the memories you’d prefer to leave in the past and never think about again? Here’s how to turn off or filter Facebook Memories so you’ll never see Memories involving dates or people you’d just as soon forget—or never see ANY Facebook Memories ever again.


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Gadgette has the story:

How to opt out of Facebook’s ‘On This Day’

1. Open Facebook in a browser (not the mobile app)

2. Go to your news feed

3. On the left, scroll down until you find the Apps section, then find ‘On This Day’

4. Click ‘On This Day’ and it’ll take you to your Memories page.

5. On the top right, click Preferences.

On the Preferences page, there are filters available to filter by Date or People, to omit the filtered date(s) or people from your future Your Memories alerts.

If you never want to see a Your Memories alert of ANY kind EVER again, set the Start Date filter option to a date well before you joined Facebook. If you’re not exactly sure when you joined, pick a date way back in the past, like 01/01/1900.


Click here to view the full post and more screen shots on Gadgette.


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