Phone Battery Drains Overnight? An Easy Fix.

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There are a couple of common reasons why your phone battery would go from a near-full battery to fully drained between the time you go to bed and morning. When your phone battery drains overnight, the fix may be easy.


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Reason #1 Isn’t Fixable, But Reason #2 Is Easy To Fix
The first common reason for overnight drain is that your phone’s rechargeable battery is nearing the end of its life. Rechargeables have a limited number of available charge cycles and the closer you get to the limit, the shorter each charge lasts. Since people tend to charge their phone batteries daily or even multiple times a day, it can take just two years or less to burn through a rechargeable phone battery. In some cases you can get a replacement from the phone manufacturer, but nowadays consumers will often simply choose to replace the phone.

The second common reason is that your phone’s operating system and apps are still very much active overnight, even though you’re not actually using the phone. The apps and operating system will be “polling” and “pinging”: constantly checking for data updates to your email, apps and your phone’s software. During the day the phone does those things in the background and yes, it does burn up a certain amount of battery capacity, but you don’t tend to notice because you’re used to burning through a certain amount of charge each day.

The battery-conserving fix is easy: switch to WiFi before you tuck your phone in for the night.

When data is turned off, your phone won’t attempt all that battery-chomping pinging and polling.


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