Google’s My Activity Lets You Browse & Edit Your Google Activity History

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Now that users of Google services like Chrome, Google News, Google Maps, Google Books, YouTube and so on know Google collects their online activity and browsing history for marketing purposes, those consumers have been clamoring for more and better controls over the data Google is gathering from them. This week Google has finally come through, with its new My Activity feature.


Browsing History We Needs It


Note that this feature only controls Google’s access to your activity history, it does not replace or override the usual privacy precautions consumers should already be taking (e.g., clearing browser history, browsing privately, not letting sites store your passwords, et cetera).

As reported in Slate:

My Activity” allows you to delete entries individually using custom date ranges, topics, or sorting by service. It also makes it easier to see other things Google knows about you, like devices associated with your Google account and location data. My Activity is rolling out to users over the next few days, and Wired reports that Google will keep expanding it over time to give users more and more control.

The feature also includes a new option for Google’s ad tracking. If enabled, it uses all this information from your Google account—search, Chrome, YouTube, the works—to improve the ads you see around the web…And the company chose to make this version of its ad tracking opt-in, so users will only have it enabled if they actually chose to turn it on.


Google My Activity Edit


As shown in the screenshot above, using the My Activity feature is easy. Scroll through the history that’s shown there, and click on the three-dot icon for any item to open the options menu; click Delete in the options menu to delete the item from your history.


Click here to access Google’s new My Activity feature.


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