Wrap Your E-Z Pass In Foil Before Returning It

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People who use those automatic toll road payment gizmos: today’s post is for you.



An exposé carried out by the news team at WIVB4 in New York revealed that when consumers mail their E-Z Passes back for a replacement, update or for any other reason, the E-Z Pass continues to log toll roads and gates on its return trip during shipment. From the article:

John Smith got a shock when he swapped out his old E-ZPass tag for a new one…Smith—–not his real name to protect his account information–—learned the transponders are always on until E-ZPass manually turns them off. When Smith received his new tag, it was in a foil pouch, with a self-addressed, prepaid envelope enclosed to return the old transponder, “which was not foil-lined, like the one that arrived with the new tag. A few days later, I received a statement via my email which indicated that I had been charged $15.58.”

After John sent his old transponder back via the US Postal Service, E-ZPass told him the…charge was rung up by the transponder sitting in the back of a mail truck, and as the truck passed through toll barriers between Buffalo and Staten Island, it was read and registered to John’s account.


To avoid similar charges on your own E-Z Pass transponder, be sure to wrap it in aluminum foil before returning it.


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