Facebook-ery: New Facebook Reactions

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For years, Facebook users have been complaining about the inadequacy of the “Like” button. When your friend posts a status update about a death in her family, you want to show support but don’t feel right about clicking “Like”, because you certainly don’t “Like” that your friend’s grieving.

Finally, Facebook is addressing the need for a wider range of responses with its Reactions icons:




To access the new options, when viewing a friend’s status update, mouse over the Like link. From left to right, they are: Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry. Click the one you want to indicate your reaction, just the same as you’d normally do with Likes.

Note that as of this writing (on 2/24/16), the new Reactions buttons are only available on original status update posts; in the comment thread below the original status update, you’ll still only find the old Like link.


With Facebook Reactions you’re no longer limited to Liking!


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