Slow WiFi/Internet? Try Moving Your Router

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I recently hit that point where so many devices had been added to my wireless network that I needed to upgrade my internet service. Yet weirdly, my connections slowed to a crawl after the upgrade.


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Different Routers Require Different Placement
To start troubleshooting my poky connection speed, the new router (sent by my service provider as part of the upgrade) was my first stop. When I ran my service provider’s optimizer I got a message that since I’m running Windows 7 all the optimum settings would be set and managed by Windows automatically.

My next thought was about moving the router, because I already knew router placement could weaken or strengthen its signals. My old router had two multi-directional antennae, which I’d originally positioned manually for maximum signal strength. I kept that router on the bottom shelf of a media center in my living room because that’s where all the connections were, and raising it to a higher shelf didn’t seem to improve its signal strength.

But the new one doesn’t have even a single antenna so I thought maybe keeping it in an unobstructed location, well above the floor, would be much more important for this router than my last one, and I was right. I moved it to the top shelf of the same media center, where it has clearance of at least 8″ on all sides, and my signal immediately perked up.


Placing my new router high off the floor in an unobstructed location was the key to unlocking my upgraded connection speed.


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