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Welcome To Music Monday!
This is the day when I usually share free MP3 albums with you, but I gotta be honest: it’s getting more and more difficult to find good ones without repeating myself. But every time I’m out there scouring the Amazon listings for free MP3 albums, I see LOTS of highly-rated albums and MP3 box sets priced at 99 cents or not much more.

So in the interest of bringing you quality MP3 albums I’m changing this weekly feature to a more generalized Music Monday. I’ll still bring any new, quality, free albums to your attention here, but I’m widening the net a bit to include quality albums priced at $3 or less—mostly less. You’d be amazed at the selection of albums in this price range on Amazon on any given day; I don’t think I’ll run out of options to share with you anytime soon.

Note that pricing and Prime Music eligibility details below are current as of this writing (on 1/25/16).

I’m kicking things off today with an 89 cent nature sounds album and a 99 cent classical box set.

First, it’s the wonderfully relaxing Bird Sounds – Morning Birds for Relaxation, Meditation, Yoga , Naturescapes, Forest Ambience and Spa (5/5 stars, currently priced at 89 cents, currently included in the Prime Music catalog).


Bird Sounds


This album has a full hour of beautiful nature sounds with birdsong. I definitely get why it’s got an average star review rating of 5/5. Great for relaxation, meditation, yoga, or anytime you want to experience the instantly calming effect of a natural forest environment.


Next, I’ve got the current, #1 bestselling 99 cent MP3 box set, The Big Beethoven Box (4.5/5 stars, currently priced at 99 cents).


Big Beethoven Box


This one’s got 176 tracks of Beethoven, conducted and performed by some of the world’s best. We’re talking over 15 hours of Beethoven for a buck! The collection includes The Creatures of Prometheus cycle, all the most popular piano and cello sonatas, the Egmont complete incidental music series, and of course all the greatest symphonies and string quartets ever written by Beethoven.


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Single-cup drip coffee is all the rage these days, for good reason: it really does provide a richer tasting cup o’ Joe. The Bartelli Paperless Pour Over Coffee Dripper and Brewer may seem like a luxury at its current (as of 1/25/16) price of $35, but remember: you will never need to buy (or dispose of) paper filters again once you start using this item. It has an average review rating of 4.5/5 stars across over 150 reviews. Easy to use, easy to clean, and eliminates paper waste.

Bartelli Paperless Filter

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